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Heraclitus, the candle, and the fire

I value the philosopher Heraclitus above all—the obscure philosopher, the philosopher outside the city gates. He laments that the walls of the city are not defended and the laws are all forgotten.

Here is the connection between Heraclitus and the candle I stare into for 1 hour each night—his connection to magic. Heraclitus holds that the psyche (soul) can bring us to a correct understanding of the logos—which is the principle which lies behind and determines all things. This is the unity behind all opposition and change, it cannot be perceived directly but can be “drawn in” via the senses.

If a person is in the right condition, they can grasp the logos—gain intellectual apprehension of it. The logos has as its constituent material fire, and for Heraclitus fire is the soul’s fundamental material. He says, “It is death to a soul to become water,” but, by contrast, “A dry soul [i.e. hot] soul is wisest and best”.

There is a connection to the sacred fire of the Zarathustrians here—an idea older than Heraclitus himself. Hence when I look into the flame I make my soul “hot”, it is a symbolic operation to bring the logos to intellectual apprehension (the fire behind all things—the unity of fire).

As the UR Group, Evola’s magical group, observed:

“Later on you will learn to recognize it as Light: an elementary light that carries the ‘Signatures’ of all things like whirlwind-natures. It is undifferentiated, being idea, substance, and motion, both physical and psychic; it is indifferent toward good and evil and to every form, in its plastic capacity to be transformed into all things. It is a blind yearning; in it, idea and reality are instantaneously and ‘magically’ one and the same, just as in that reflection of it, that ‘path’ leading to it, which is the power of imagination in man.”

This is the fire of Heraclitus, the fire in the candle, the fire in the soul.


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