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Hebrew character

I decided to read a guide to all Britain’s wildlife out loud to myself—it was one of those complete visual guides from Dorling Kindersley that always feel like luxury, somehow. It provoked great contentment in me, as nature always does—even in a visual representation. I wasn’t really sure why I had to read this book but it makes sense now, because I came across this moth called “Hebrew Character”.

I almost didn’t post about it but did in the end because I thought it was a curious visual pun about the Jewish character—as in the national character; and so it amused me—and it made me wonder how such a quaintly racist name came to be and to consider how progressives might demand it be renamed, lest it be offensive to Jews (implies they’ll eat your old coats in the back of the wardrobe ????).

As it happens, it’s not named for the Jewish character but for the Hebrew letter (character) “nun”—which means “water” or “fish” in kabbalah and is number 50 (14 in tarot). It refers to “Fifth hour of Apollonius: the superior waters of heaven (the disciple learns to be pure and chaste)”. The letter itself appears in Egyptian hieroglyphics, modern Arabic, Phoenician, and Chaldean—it’s not just a Hebrew letter.

It refers, in kabbalah, to the elixir of long life—when the divine soul is united with the intimus and so a new MASTER is born. A new master of the major mysteries or a MAHATMA is born—and that means “a GREAT SOUL”, for the Masters are the souls of diamond. The realisation comes at the end of 500 esoteric years (for the prospective master, a long soul sojourn-apprenticeship on earth)—further, the master who renounces Nirvana because of his love for humanity is thrice-blessed and must ask for the elixir of long life to continue his work on this plane.

The process is symbolised by an angel who mixes a white and red liquid—significant because I activated the albedo (white sun) energy the other day, whereas red stands for rubedo (the completed alchemical work, the bindi). To mix the two grants the elixir of long life—it’s solve et coagula, dissolution and recombination. It is the descent to the abyss, to the realm of Set, to the primordial darkness from which all gods arise. The mantram is TUM—T: Father; U: Son; M: Holy Ghost.

Since this comes just before my departure for a 40-day retreat to Hartsfell, via synchronicity, I think it can be taken as a sign that I’m on the right track—perhaps to attain the sacred union, the philosopher’s stone.

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