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Hatchet Hitchhiker—or, how to speak schizophrenic

In the first place, the man he was in an altercation with had “no breath in him”. To understand what he means you have to know that “pneuma” means breath and soul in ancient Greek—the soul, in one aspect, is “the breath”. This man was “soulless”—and, earlier, HH said this man boasted that he had sex with a fourteen-year-old in the Virgin Islands (that might not be literal either, but contextually HH is saying “he was a bad dude”—he was “beyond haole”; a Hawaiian term for “stranger off the island”, it’s derogatory—he’s “beyond the community”).

Where is the Hatchet Hitchhiker from? “Straight outta dogtown”. It’s a simple reversal (God = Dog); so our Hitchhiker is “straight outta godtown”—i.e. he’s on a mission from the Lord. This is further confirmed when he clarifies he’s from “Sophia, West Virginia” and then winks. He’s “from Sophia” the goddess of wisdom, and she’s a virgin. He gives us a little wink because he’s really from Canada (yes, this is the true face of Canada) and he’s letting us in on the joke. He’s from the “the community of dog” and the man he was in an altercation with was “beyond howly”—beyond the spirit, beyond Sophia.

He doesn’t know his age because he’s a timeless spirit—he dwells in eternity. He’s also “Kai”—and that can mean “keeper of the keys” in Scandinavian (i.e. he’s a spiritual gatekeeper); it also means “both” or “and” in ancient Greek—it refers to his hermaphroditic state; as with Janus, he is “both”—and that’s divine priesthood, the image of God.

It’s notable he has been dubbed “the Hatchet Hitchhiker”—the public subconsciously picked up on his alliterative sing-song schizo talk; and it also shouldn’t escape you that the “Hatchet Hitchhiker” is also “HH” (“Hold Hedgehog”—or, perhaps, “Heil Hitler”). It works at many levels. Schizophrenics have false gnosis, per Guénon, and they often end up inhabited by demonic entities. However, they’re still “straight outta godtown”.


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Willow Spring
Willow Spring
Jan 08, 2023

They locked him up for 57 years for killing a man who attempted to sodomize him.


André Perez
André Perez
Jan 07, 2023

Fenômenal este artigo. podeira o senhor me falar em qual livro o guénon diz sobre Esquizofrenia? (não sou os cara dos dados kkkkk, só tenho interesse no assunto).

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