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Harry and Megs (again)

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

I think Rowsell knows the answer really, and I’ve covered this issue before: all royal marriages are political—always have been, always will be. Harry was told to marry Megs, just like Wills was told to marry Kate. The marriages serve a certain purpose: to legitimise the Royal Family in new social conditions, and to form those new social conditions—it’s cybernetic, it creates as it represents. After all, the monarchy exists in a democracy; it has some residual power—it owns land, it has wealth, the army technically swears allegiance to it; and yet it also has to justify itself to the mob (the people who control the mob)—and one way it does that, has done since the late 1890s, is through pageantry; it self-consciously turned itself into a tourist attraction, then a TV soap opera (Diana), and now a Netflix series (Megs and Harry).

Harry was told to marry Megs because it is a policy by the people who really run the West—not the politicians, the World Economic Forum, or Davos (all pantomime for the rubes)—to flood the West with Africans. The future is a mixed-race underclass and working class; and Harry and Megs exist to provide a role model for those groups—for inter-racial marriage (children, really).

Idiot conservatives say that people are “brainwashed” by woke ideas at university. That is not so. They only say that because they are arrogant and have never mixed with people who haven’t been to university—possibly they want to sabotage potential competitors with them or their children, divert them into being dry-wall specialists and the like. You know, even the most resolute feminist professor will couch her propositions in a slightly doubtful way—it’s the academic apparatus, after all.

No, if you want to see people who are really brainwashed with woke ideas hang out with a plumber’s daughter who “lives for the weekend and spent all my November salary on clubbing”; such people repeat woke talking points flawlessly because that is the only reality they know—they never read a book, or if they did it was by Jojo Moyes and filled with approved woke themes; they don’t think there’s any other world other than what they see on Netflix and Instagram. That’s why on Tinder their profile says “NO white men” (that’s not true—technically, it’s just a colossal shit-test for the 5% most attractive white guys to overcome with suitable flirtation; and yet there is a certain truth to it—they will be otherwise surrounded by black men, just like the adverts for Pretty Little Thing told them).

It is this demographic Harry and Megs exist to serve (cultivate). It’s too radical to hit the solid Daily Mail middle class with inter-racial marriage role models just yet—at the moment you see that among the underclass, the working class, and the intelligentsia (the ultra-progressive historian Mary Beard saw her daughter marry a black man—very politically correct, impeccable). For the solid middle class, those who will be broken into inter-racial marriage in two decades, we have Wills and Kate—aspirational, Kate comes from an “ordinary middle-class family”, nothing too fancy and yet respectably rich; so if you made your pile with a business that plastic presses green wheelie bins, and it worked so well you fly everywhere in a private helicopter now, then you can look up to Wills and Kate. It’s still a demolition job on the aristocracy though.

Of course, both Kate and Megs have Jewish blood—it was a Jewish matchmaker who introduced the former, in fact. So the big fight between them is just pantomime for the rubes. The Daily Telegraph reader in his gated community can ruffle his paper and complain about Harry and Megs and their “disrespect” and his daughter, after she checks Instagram, can slam the door and complain that “Dad just doesn’t understand—he married her for love. He’s a racist—just like the Royal Family!”. They are both being played; the whole fight between the couples is a stage-managed demolition of the monarchy, designed to create dissension in the nation’s families because the Royal Family is the national family that is symbolically emulated by the people—it was all intentional; just like Diana’s divorce was intentional so as to promote divorce—since that was a priority at the time, to “liberate women”.

It’s been like this for decades. They get at them through the women—it’s in the adverts for clothes shops, in the children’s books; and Royal dramas are followed by women mainly—but then the women pester their husbands and though husbands think they are impervious the water wears the rock down eventually (or it leaves and takes the kids—just like Netflix told it to).

There will be no “immigration restriction”. When Enoch Powell first enquired about the immigration numbers in the 1960s, when it was a trickle and not yet a major issue, he was sent falsified numbers that were eventually found out. That shows intent—mens rea. That’s because it has been planned, planned for decades and executed centrally—the Africanisation of Europe is a policy, decided by the people who really make policy. Of course, there were certain latent barriers to be overcome and many people, as with a secret project where everything is compartmentalised, were complicit without their realisation—but it has all been planned for decades, possibly centuries. To paraphrase Céline, “The white race died at Stalingrad.”

The goal is the extermination of the European peoples and Christianity—its actuator is Judeo-Masonry; they take their orders from demonic forces that exist beyond space and time; and they service their masters with human sacrifices. They have complete control over America—have done from the beginning. You can know them by their sign—the unicorn, symbol of Satan—that appears everywhere today (and particularly in West Coast media products from America). They have subverted the image of God, the hermaphrodite, through transgenderism—the material parody of the Godhead and priesthood.

If you look at American movies, in the early 1990s there was a sudden uptick in viciously anti-British films that hadn’t existed before—examples include Braveheart and The Last of the Mohicans. The tendency has increased over the last few decades. This is because Britain is Hyperborea—or a remnant of Hyperborea; and so her suppression is highly important. The relationship between Britain and America was more cousinly—with a friendly rivalry—until the early 1990s because until that point there was a parity within Judeo-Masonry between non-Jewish Masons and the actual Jews. Since then, the old American power families have diminished or sufficiently inter-married with Jewry to no longer feel “Anglo” (a similar process has happened with the most cosmopolitan elements in the British aristocracy, also in the grip of Masonry).

Hence overt hostility has surfaced towards Hyperborea and the blue-blooded (Hyperborean) aristocracy that must now be finally dismantled. What we are watching is, in fact, the controlled demolition of the British monarchy. Charles long stated he wanted to play a “more public role” while he was a prince—yet he was immediately sidelined, told not to attend his pet climate change conference, by the then Prime Minister Liz Truss. There has also been an orchestrated campaign to throw eggs at him and otherwise attack him, with the issue being “slavery” and “reparations”—this is also centrally coordinated and will become a more public issue soon.

Britain was used as a vehicle by Judeo-Masonry to destroy Germany—once that was accomplished, her aristocracy and her Hyperborean elements had to be demolished too (the policy is now in full effect). Similar events are apparent in France: there has been a campaign to burn down churches—notably Notre-Dame (we have never found out who was behind that); it is all in line with the Satanic enterprises directed from America—and, naturally, the current Pope is no Christian; he is a Jesuit—the same as the Masons.

Men like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are not complicit in this situation but are actually used because they are not religious; hence they cannot perceive that they are used in a Satanic game. They are practical common-sense modern materialists who cannot understand why such “bonkers” policies are pursued. Trump’s naivety was exposed when he did many favours for Israel—moved the embassy to Jerusalem—and then was consternated to find American Jews still support Democrats. It is rational for them to do so: you can be satisfied that Israel becomes stronger, yet Christianity and domestic nationalism at home are a threat to you—hence it is logical to support the Democrats.

Men like Trump and Farage—like the suburban dad who likes Wills and Kate (or his wife does anyway)—are decent but do not grasp what is actually unfolding because they are secular materialists. Responsible and hard-working but if you told them Satanists literally exist and so do demons they would just chuckle at you “I live in the real world, mate” (oh do you?).

Bin Laden grasped the situation: he saw it in a prophecy; first, the USSR would fall, then America—two wings of Judeo-Masonry clipped. The 9/11 attacks were like a moment in oriental executions where the executioner waves his sword before his victim. “Get on with it, then,” says the victim. “Nod your head,” says the executioner. The man does so and it falls right off—sliced through with such elegance that the victim did not even perceive it. This was what the 9/11 attacks were about—very elegant, very beautiful; the greatest art work the 21st century has seen—a testament to God.

Hence the plans inaugurated by Judeo-Masonry will fail—have already failed. The white race did not “die at Stalingrad” as Céline said because Céline was an ugly man without faith—and so he could not appreciate the metaphysical dimension to the struggle. Most will choose Satan and total delusion—yet, in the end, only twelve are required to turn the tide.


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