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Hanania, the NYT, and the right

Richard Hanania put forward the argument that right-wing people couldn’t run the NYT with any success. He is correct. This is because the right stands for integrity, whereas journalism is the opposite to integrity—as everybody knows; and so there is no “right-wing Netflix” because Netflix is about entertainment and trivia (as is the so-called “serious news”, really). Again, the right is not about entertainment or trivia—it’s about virtue and integrity.

Look, ultimately the right is a religious position: it’s family, nation, and faith. It’s opposed to people who say “urgent new event” or “urgent new product” only for said product to vanish in about two days. Plastic toys come in many varieties—from a baby’s dummy to an iPhone to a Tesla. As with all toys, few last much beyond Christmas—overdraft.

I remember when the original iPod came out: it was supposed to be some “design revolution” or “design classic”. Within four years, it looked clunky and ungainly. The word “classic” has been sorely abused for years—“classic novels”, “classic films”, “classic cars”. Let’s see if these things last centuries before we dub them “classics” (let alone “cult”—a book or film becomes “cult” when its author or star is a heroin addict or died from an overdose).

You don’t need much to be satisfied—water, trees, stars. If you have the King James Bible, Shakespeare, and Brothers Grimm you have all the diversion you could ever need (and just half of any of those books would suffice—and, in fact, since it all amounts to poetry and rhythm, the water that flows over the rocks in a stream is already enough). The media exists to distract you from fundamental points about life, birdsong and glasses of water.

The media, the entertainment industry, and so on are run by worldly people who want you to worship yourself and emptiness—to become greedy and destroy the planet and other people as you seek their emptiness. It is the “they” world, the inauthentic world; it begets socialism, as a deserved punishment, because people seek a material answer to the emptiness found in the media-corporate-state nexus.

The right doesn’t run the NYT—we leave that to the Jews who killed the Christ and spit on his name down to this day. The right, under the black flag, ends the NYT—empties its offices and leaves them silent. What is better than an empty office? All day long they worked at their machines, telling lies—now, after the storm, it is all quiet. There is much truth in silence, yet few know how to still the voice—and so they hear little, and see less.


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