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A few weeks ago I started to chalk up the Hagal rune about the place—even to draw it on my wrists. I visited the “Multi-Faith Prayer Room” in the mall and made my mark in chalk—amidst the Korans. Of course, you might see that as a desecration—but I see it as an attack on hypocrisy, for these places are called “Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms” yet are covered in Korans and prayer rugs and have special wash stalls to perform the wudu.

It seems these “Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms” are for Muslims alone—yet I want to exercise my faith, in a “multi” form, there too; and, in my faith, we draw a Hagal rune in chalk on the floor—can this be wrong in a Multi-Faith Prayer Room? I think not.

The other day, I noticed that a Hagal rune had been painted on a tree in the park—not an imitation of mine, not because someone saw what I did and copied it but rather because the rune summoned by magic another rune to correspond to it.

What is the mystery of this rune? Some say it means “mischief”—appropriate for a Joker, such as myself—and, yes, it is mischief; but it is much more than mischief. Indeed, it is Innerlichkeitsgefühl—it is the inner-feelingness that comes about when a man is carrying his god enclosed within himself (along with his characteristics). So says Guido von List. This rune creates self-confidence in your individual spirit—and that in turn grants miraculous power.

It is the rune for people who are “convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt”—for all who are so convinced the miraculous power manifests, derived from their strong spirit. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt—that there is another realm, that the gods are real, that the Godhead is real; and that is why I use the Hagal, so represented “*” in the Slouia, wherever I go.

The person who is so convinced can control the physical and spiritual realms—“Lovingly-Care for the Universe in Yourself, and You will control the Universe.” As above, so below—the old Hermetic rule; and that is because the Hagal is also androgynous—it unites the runes for male and female, for matter and spirit (creation and destruction). It is the equivalent to the Seal of Solomon in that regard—the upward and downward triangles represent male and female so united in androgynous union. It is just the Nordic equivalent.

It is not a vowel or a consonant—it is ineffable, it is a breath. It is an aspiration—it is the ”h” sound, so made when you inhale to say “h” at a word’s start.

It is wisdom, it is androgyne, it is “to nurture and cherish the universe”—it is the hail, it is the wind, it is destruction, it is the enclosure, it is the breath of the Valkyries. Cherish and enclose the Godhead within yourself and no harm may come to you—it is the rune for the cold and hostile planet, Saturn. So cold and hostile—and yet, so wise. God of the Golden Age—god of the sickle, the sickle made from gold (tool of the Druids). Yea!

Know it by the number 7 (seven colours, seven senses, seven tones)—chant its name and it will extinguish the fire, it is the binding cord that holds together the tripod for the sacred fire. It is the swastika, it is the procession—it is the air, it is the wind. Hagal.

It is the cross, it is the root—it is the radix. It is the world axis, it is the tree upon which the world turns (Yggdrasil)—it is the branches. It is the resurrection, it is the spine of the cosmic man—it is the twelve-part zodiac, it is the Roundtable (rotate its arms to form the 12 segments). It is the head-of-the-Aesir, key to all murmuring runes. It is Wotan on the world-tree—he who says, “I consecrate myself to myself.” It is the rune of the sacrifice—for only those who sacrifice themselves may live forever. Hag=all.


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