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Grail knights

The knights will be assembled without their knowledge—at a bar he will sit, then a force will push him to the ground. Before, he could always handle his drink—now it is not so. At a petrol station, his card will be rejected—for no reason whatsoever. At first, they will not understand what has happened—what has happened is that I have called them, by magic, to their appointed task.

Their lives will change, there will be horror—then curiosity. At last, they will come to me—they will find me, deep in the woods, where I will be dressed all in black with a stag’s antlers on my head and sat in the lotus posture. I will bid them sit, one by one, until there are twelve—twelve under Arthur. Then the quest for the Grail will begin.

When I say we will bring the Roundtable back, this is not symbolic—not exactly, it’s no metaphor. It’s real, as real as the table I sit at now and rap with my knuckle. If you want to be a Grail knight, you are not suitable; if you have no interest whatsoever, you are the man I want.


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