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It took me a while to arrive at this post, but a few weeks ago I noticed this recent book in the shop window—Godkiller.

It features a hart being ensnared, squeezed to death, by some branches on the ground. I thought, “Aha, it looks like the system has noticed me and decided to kill me on the esoteric front.” It’s an attack on the gods of Hartsfell, a symbolic attack—on me.

The story, being the usual feminist routine, features a female lead (bisexual) whose family were killed by devotees to a fire god (I noticed this book just after I started my regular candle-staring). The girl makes her living as a “godkiller”—i.e. someone who kills the gods of Hartsfell, kills those who worship the divine fire (Zarathustra).

She finally meets a god she cannot kill because he’s bound to a young noblewoman and killing him would endanger the noblewoman (lesbian sub-plot, I presume). So the lead has to journey to a city where the last gods survive to see if they can be separated (the god is “the god of white lies” or the “god of small lies”—which seems an appropriate god to be attached to a woman).

Aside from being LGBT+, the lead is also an amputee—so we have the usual celebration of the crippled and deformed.

She’s joined by a defunct knight on a quest (parallel to my Grail quest), and the novel switches between 4 character views—the 4 elements, the quaternary I often speak of.

The novel is written by a girl called Hannah Kaner—“Kaner” = “Cain”, Cain and Abel (the god killer). The first name is a palindrome, it goes round and round forever so it’s eternal; hence “eternal Cain”, eternal death of the gods—with direct salience to me.

You might say, “You’ve finally cracked, haven’t you?”. To which I retort, “They said the same about Jesus” (Mark 3:21). Look, this is esoteric warfare—it’s not my contention that someone in a committee watches my activities and brought this novel to fruition on the conscious level; rather, some forces in another dimension, a committee in another dimension, noticed me—and these forces want to kill the gods.

Their goal is to promote everything crippled and perverted—because their master is the Prince of Darkness, and their medium is commercial greed.

And who am I? Who is “the Horned God”? Who is the god of Hartsfell?

“In the first Shamanistic aeon, men recognised the animating spirit of living beings. It was often depicted as a Horned God, a man with antlers. It was a force without morality, and it could not be bargained with nor placated.

These early psychic abilities, coupled with a high intelligence, rapidly made the puny humans into the planet’s most successful species. The force that made this possible was universally symbolised as the Horned God.

Horned because it conferred certain powers over animals and a horned man because it represented something extra which men could acquire. The double horns symbolise the bipolar nature of a force which was both good and evil, light and dark, beautiful and terrible. Furthermore, the Horned God image gives an impression of the awesome and fearful nature of this type of power.”

For a long time, they sent me back—in the Monotheistic aeon we had institutionalised religion and singular gods. We had Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, and Buddah—idealised male figures. Magic was suppressed, the state predominated, and the priests lacked skill in the magical arts.

All that was rejected from these unitary gods was projected onto the “Horned God”, he became the “anti-god”—only witches and sorcerers knew him.

Now that we live under atheism, under the Atheistic aeon, people don’t even notice that magic exists—and yet the cosmic life force uncaptured by their equations still lives.

He is the void, he is the spirit of life energy on earth—he is what is beyond organic matter. He is the Horned God—the psychic field that is the sum of all life on this planet, the world soul (the Anima Mundi).

He is the hermaphrodite—he is the Horned God.

Know that I was never baptised, and that I have a gap where my middle name should be—my name is the void.

Know that in my most famous photo that I sit in darkness and light.

Know that I am beyond good and evil.

I call death upon this AntiChrist system, death upon those who would kill the gods.


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