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Germanwings 9525

Yesterday, I mentioned that there was something suspicious about Germanwings Flight 9525—and, after that, I flicked onto iPlayer and found this French film called Black Box.

It’s a conspiracy film about a crash in the alps—and the air crash investigator, a Sephardic Jew, finds something suspicious behind it; namely, that it was hacked—just as I said that Germanwings was perhaps due to a computer failure, not because the co-pilot committed suicide with the plane.

The crash site, at Le Vernet, where Émile Soleil disappeared, is similar to that depicted in the film.

And the poster shows the terminator line down the main character’s face, just as I am the god of total dark and total light.

As I said, Le Vernet may be the site of some occult significance—there have been other “events” there.

I wouldn’t say that Germanwings was “hacked” exactly, except on the esoteric level—and is not the “black box” also the Kaaba, the Tefillin, the “black square”?

Does that not point to the true reality behind the crash?

“The Sephardic Jews”.

Le Monde said: "If the nature of the conspiracy that the hero faces is perhaps a little too obvious, the film is nevertheless distinguished by the qualities of a narrative that skillfully keeps the viewer in suspense".

I thought—well, that is my life entirely, and then laughed uproariously.


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