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Frankincense and Myrrh (experiments with)

I always sleep with my window open, even if the temperature goes down to -5. It seems to me that most people are too warm these days, practically rotten from the heat. I find it better to sleep curled up against the cold, the pleasure is much greater—the sleep much deeper.

However, the other day the wind was so strong that I had to close my window, lest it be broken. Now, I also always have a candle going, often a scented candle, and such a candle is either sandalwood or frankincense and myrrh—on this occasion it was the latter.

As I read Collingwood’s treatise on metaphysics, I found that my vision suddenly lurched to the right—like a picture in its frame had been spun to the side. Later, for much of the next day, I felt dizzy and unbalanced.

That’s the power of frankincense and myrrh—genuine hallucinogenic drugs, and appropriate for a magi.

The Hindus have a whole typology of scents for magical and spiritual purposes, so as to activate various siddhis—but much of this information has been lost, although my experiment has recovered some.

Of course, it was an inadvertent experiment—but some of the best experiments are.


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