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Field report

For some reason, I decided to go for a walk in the fields after dark—no special reason in mind, and I didn’t even bring my stag mask this time. Nevertheless, when I arrived at the place I saw the red orbs last time there they were again. Unbidden. I decided to make a through sweep to make sure I wasn’t just seeing a reflection from houses in the distance. I went right up the hill and checked the field—no house lights visible at all from the far side. However, about at the point where the red orbs appeared, an owl sounded very loudly right next to me—the owl is associated with these events, she is a night messenger; and, of course, at the Rollright Stones the owls were vocal all around me. I have always liked to sit in this high field, felt drawn to it—it must be the energy there. It’s strange really, all the times we feel like we’re not alone—like there’s someone there, though we are alone; well, I am not convinced that we are alone.

I walked back down the hill and, sure enough, as I went up the opposite slope—at the exact same place as before—the red orbs appeared again. I tested them to see if they appeared and disappeared at a fixed point as would happen with a static light concealed by the trees—no, they came on and off with no correlation to my approach and retreat. Eventually, I just stared at them—the one on the left began to sparkle; and, as happened at Rollright, I had the sensation that the orbs had taken off and were in flight and were surrounded by an invisible aura; it was as if I were travelling with them somewhere—when I blinked, they were static as ever. It is difficult to describe precisely, almost like hypnosis—I checked with normal lights and it doesn’t happen with those. I suspect it is really a transport to another dimension to a degree.

In the end, I turned for home and a few moments after I went over the little wooden footbridge I heard a loud thump as if someone had stepped on it. Indeed, come to think of it, the sodden grass around me in the field gave a light squelch as if someone stepped on it all around me. As I walked into the next field—crossed the footbridge—I could just see the red orbs in the far field and they became brighter. Then, in the wood-line of this new field, there was another red orb—they do like to play these games, you know. It was joined by a white orb—and, indeed, I felt I had caught sight of a white orb just from my eye’s corner in the original field. These orbs shifted about—a little game with me.

I’ve known these fields my whole life, I know all about them—not like the back of my hand, since I don’t look at the back of my hand often (I know them better than the back of my hand). Last summer, for the first time ever, these little crop circles appeared in all the fields—it was just about the time I started to take UFOs and esoteric matters seriously, beyond the psychological. I have never seen crop circles in these fields before—not for my whole life. Further, in recent years, I have been attentive as regards the owls in the neighbourhood—and sometimes they are very vocal, even as heard in the distance from my window. As reported, the orbs and owls are interchangeable: the birds are angels, they are the symbolic cloak for the entities that lie beneath that will expose themselves in the right conditions. It is a shame most are too self-absorbed (self-abs-orbed) to see today.

Conclusion: given that I was drawn to the fields—summoned, really—after I speculated as to how viable a bid for the Grail would be right now, I take this to be an indication that we should go for the Grail. We are a go for the Grail. I wouldn’t get too excited, I don’t expect to see results outside a decade at least but to me the signs are that a bid should be made. Incidentally, I have now internalised that there is no point talking to the entities—although I did raise my fingers like antlers and bellow at them; and I also did some intensive sporadic breathing—they seemed to grow brighter as a result. Substantially, the game’s afoot—the quest is on, the Grail will be recovered.

By the way, what does the military know about it all, anyway—since they like to chase orbs round fields?


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