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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

You have probably heard about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), essentially female circumcision. Indeed, as I wandered about my local hospital—surrounded by women in burkas who wondered what a white men was up to in their territory—I saw periodic government propaganda posters about FGM, dutifully ignored by the locals since they do not care what the white man says. Why are we so worried about female circumcision? After all, I occasionally see campaign groups who are upset about male circumcision. They are a curious lot, whose protests—complete with red paint daubed over the genital area around their trousers—seem rather risible. Their explanations for compulsory circumcision in America range from discrimination against men to Jewish cultural infiltration in the medical profession—perhaps, they suggest, the Jews remove the goyim’s foreskin to negate their Aryan culture-power and cut them off from their ancestors, or perhaps to forestall any quick identification of the Jews during another holocaust.

I still possess my magic foreskin—for what that is worth—so let us see what my foreskin can tell us about this issue. At first, FGM was not a big issue; in the 1990s, people who complained about it were told they were racists—leave this indigenous way of knowing alone. However, our civic religion is inherently feminine: it thinks feminine activities and things, from women to the Jews, are high status. Feminine hedonism—particularly sexual hedonism—is very high status in our civic religion, partially because the civic religion is an offshoot from Christianity that derives status points from counter-signals against traditional Christianity. Traditional Christians said that sexual hedonism—particularly female sexual hedonism—was shameful and a terrible sin; ergo, our civic religion must hold that female sexual hedonism is high status. This is why abortion is a central issue for our civic religion, it demonstrates women have power over men—can destroy a man’s child at will—and indulge in sexual hedonism whenever they wish.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a little hedonism—the Christians probably went too far in that regard—and yet to flip from all hedonism bad to all hedonism good is no improvement; the latter position is actively damaging, since hedonism is short-termist and irresponsible. Aristotle’s middle way is best, but it is not amenable to status displays—it advocates gradual adjustments to stay within the mean, not outer-orientated status demonstrations.

When the left realised that FGM destroys a woman’s ability to feel sexual pleasure, since it often involves clitoris removal, FGM was no longer a racial issue—a black custom to be patronised—and instead had to be stamped out. The issue exemplifies the hierarchy of values in the progressive or “woke” religion: female > black. Similarly, Jews are more high status than blacks in our civic religion because they are more feminine—black men often exhibit primitive masculinity to a high degree—and also because Christianity explicitly disdained them. Hence a black man who points out Jewish involvement in the slave trade instantly loses “victim privilege” and is flushed from progressive politics. The left only likes black men, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., who act like feminine victims: MLK used passive aggressive womanly tactics “civil disobedience”, slept around, and was a communist—all very girly. Malcolm X, a masculine black man, by contrast, carries little weight with the left—he was insufficiently a victim.

Women have the highest status in our system—even higher than Jews—because our system venerates the feminine above all; and many leftists will explicitly talk about the “sacred feminine” that was oppressed by Christianity. In Christianity, Eve caused our fall with the apple; ergo, if you invert Christianity, Eve must be the highest status person. You can tell that women trump all because Harvey Weinstein’s Jewishness did not stop him from being flushed by MeToo. If the Jews actually ran America or had the highest status, Weinstein would have been protected and it would have all been covered up by default.

Hilariously, the Western system acts in a completely imperialist or “white supremacist” way in relation to FGM; it makes interventions abroad and within African families in the West to prevent it. The custom probably has some genuine value to the people who practice it; and to remove it from them makes their lives more meaningless and reduces their reproductive success. Yet the West barges in to stop some Somali goatherd from sewing up his daughter’s vagina—the CIA probably has a special section to deal with just that, most likely ineffectively. Verily, we shall never sleep when there is a woman, somewhere in the world, who cannot cum when she desires; except that—as with many things associated with our civic religion—the various state initiatives to combat FGM are mainly for show, few prosecutions are made.

Men who object to circumcision do so because they like to play the victim—be feminised, except they do it really badly and get hardly any status points; similar performances are seen with groups like “Fathers4Justice” and “Men’s Rights Activists”. They try to play victimhood like the left does, but being a male—a straight white male at that—precludes the possibility, so they look like idiots; not to mention it is ugly to see a man play victim and abase himself.

If you are a European male, you should be aware that there were good reasons why your forefathers—including the ever-reliable Brothers Grimm—told you to watch out for women, blacks, homosexuals, and Jews; these people are untrustworthy and are not your friends, exercise caution around them (you do not need to hate them, though). Unfortunately, we are governed by a perverted elite who generates status through counter-signalling traditional Western wisdom and Christianity, they assert that what was always known to be suspect is “good” and high status—the more they let women, blacks, homosexuals, and Jews get away with anti-social behaviour, the more high status the perverted elite feels. Ultimately, it will destroy the West.

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