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False Grail

There are six members in the Monty Python troupe, of which three are Jewish—Graham Chapman, John Cleese, and Terry Gilliam.

The purpose of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) and the The Life of Brian (1979) was to undermine both the Holy Grail and Jesus Christ—to turn both into a mockery, and so damn large sections of mankind.

There are many hints this is so, as in Holy Grail where King Arthur encounters Jewish knights who refuse to fight on the sabbath. To have Chapman, a Jew, play King Arthur was also another means to invert the Grail legend and the Aryan King Arthur (the Bear, Arktos).

Monty Python as a comedy troupe and TV show was designed to break down class and regional differences—to destroy the unity of Hyperborean Britain.

Wordplay is essential to the Grail—per Dante’s wordplay about “il veltro” (“greyhound”), which is “il cane” (the dog) or “il Khane” (the Khan in the east, Prester John). Monty Python, through anarchic wordplay, inverted the Grail language and turned it into a joke—not a sacred initiation. Obviously, they also mocked Christ—Britain being too weak to resist such things by then.

Further, the author Douglas Adams was also Jewish (his family lived in the East End)—as was his long-time flatmate who coordinated his affairs (and also orchestrated much British comedy in the 1980s—from Jews like Ben Elton and Stephen Fry who, for example, mocked British history in the Blackadder series; of course, it goes without saying that black comedians like Lenny Henry had their material written by these Jewish comedy writers).

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has “42” as the meaning of the life, the universe, and everything, but this was just ripped off from the Egyptians and inserted into kabbalah. Hitchhiker’s Guide is ultimately about despair, meaninglessness, and absurdity—because it mocks *.

Adams was an atheist, good friends with Dawkins, because his books invert the sacred numbers—for profit and fame. Indeed, he had the idea for the Hitchhiker’s Guide when he stared at the stars while drunk one night in Germany (because everything comes from the stars, really). But he mocked the immortal stars—no wonder he loved Apple computers so much, with the single apple bite, as if Eve just tasted it, emblazoned on every product (Monty Pythonthe snake as deceiver; and, of course, Douglas Adams worked on Monty Python too).

The mockery and inversion must end—because the Jews laugh at eternity; and that is why there is so much despair in the world today.

(I would also note that Alaska’s population was 26 when Monty Python’s Flying Circus was first broadcast on 5 October 1969).


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