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Europeans and Jews

This is just European-Jewish relations in microcosm:

“We need to feel there is an opportunity for us [extends claw] to influence what you’re building. That vision. What we’re doing here, whether it’s me trying to push and prod you on your tweets…

You probably shouldn’t tweet after 3AM [you said, but I’m telling you not to—that’s why I pushed my spectacles up my face like a teacher, to convey authority]. Probably good advice for all of us [the Jews are the teachers unto the nations and here to impart a lesson]. Will you commit to be a little more specific and not tweet after 3AM [it makes us anxious, allay our anxiety, please]?.

People in this room would like to see that [appeal to the mob, the masses against quasi-aristocrat Musk]. It will make them feel more confident [bolster our narcissism—though real confidence comes from within]. I want to be specific about influencing, it’s more of an open feedback loop for the advertising experts [appeal to the experts, to high-status cybernetics—Musk is a technology guy, he’ll like that right? Narcissistic seduction].”

I’ve decided that the Europeans are basically married to the Jews—like all marriages it has its rough patches and smooth patches, occasionally it turns parasitic when the Jews have a fit of malignant narcissism; at other times it’s abusive, when the Europeans are wife-beaters. The comparison works because the Jews are a feminine race and they work, per the clip above, via influence—via prods and pokes and appeals to the mob (“Is it fair?”—so asks the media, a feminised occupation in which the Jews are over-represented).

The Europeans make the Jews nervous because they “just do things” (build space rockets, for example—typical Nazi behaviour) and that makes the Jews anxious since it provokes uncertainty; and the anxious wife, like the anxious Jew, is afraid and, therefore, angry—her husband might do anything (and he never tells me where he’s going either! I’m worried to death and I could kill him!).

On the other hand, we’d kind of like to influence your vision—as women, Jews, and advertisers (persuaders, seducers, narcissists). We’d like a bit of the action you’re creating; just a little slice of the pie. We’re not vision people or destiny people, we women and Jews are more interested in material questions (the food on the table, the nice house, the advertising income)—yet we like your vision, want a slice of it (to bend your destiny to our purposes, perhaps to frustrate it if we feel envious today).

Could we have some guarantees, btw? Like guarantees you’re not just going to leave us—for another woman or outer space? It’s just we’re not sure we can make it on our own…Perhaps a guarantee that you’re not going to pogrom us? [That would infringe my free speech, replies Musk—free speech provokes anxiety; “people just say things”, anything—and that might break my narcissistic storyline].

I like the sub-text in the conversation about the “midnight hour” or “the witching hour”—“after 3AM”, after dark (the truth is not spoken in the 9-5 hours, only in darkness—at the sabbath, witches jump over the bonfire). There’s this vague idea that Musk “turns demonic” on Twitter after dark and tweets “the naughty things that we all kind of like but are shocked by”. After 3AM Musk turns from doge to werewolf—and that makes us very nervous.

The significance of blackness is an old esoteric idea: the darkness is where the truth is—the principial, the unmoved mover, is not represented by light but by darkness (the ultimate is behind the divine light, that’s why black is the colour of wisdom).


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