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Esoteric Union Jack

Designs similar to the Union Jack have been found in a cave in Finisterre on a baetyl (a stone that connects a person to a divinity), with a swastika on one side (the baetyl is an omphalos—just as the menhirs are omphaloi).

The Union Jack itself contains 8 rays—so depicted in the graffiti in the cave on the oval shield of a kneeling figure (Albion or Britannia). The number 8 here stands for “justice” and “equilibrium”—it stands for the initiatic centre, as with the Pythagorean Ogdoad.

The Union Jack in this context appears next to a symbol that is no less than the triple precinct of the Druids—hence it is Celtic in origin. Yet it, in turn, derives from Atlantis—for it was so described by Plato that the Palace of Poseidon in the mother city of the Atlanteans was at the centre of three concentric enclosures linked by canals.

Those three circles relate to the three degrees of initiation (though, in fact, the symbol is older still, being Hyperborean—and Britain being a Hyperborean realm that will one day be reunited with her occult geography, currently obscured from profane sight).

The Palace of Poseidon would have been circular, but it is said that at the end of a cycle the symbology of the circle becomes square (hence “squaring the circle” in its true form)—and so the Union Jack appears as a square.

So the Union Jack is associated with the different initiatic degrees of the Druids—“the three degrees” (33), so spoken of in Masonic ritual (“Will you give him the third degree?”). It also represents the “three worlds” of Hinduism—the celestial circles around Mount Meru, the world axis or polar axis (the centre of initiation).

Hence the four lines in a cross that connect three precincts become, in symbolic terms, the channels (canals) by which the doctrine is conveyed to us from the celestial heavens. It is the transmission downward from “the supreme grade”—it is the “fountain of teaching” so spoken of by Dante and his initiatic order of the Fedeli d'Amore.

These three squares can also be taken to refer to the zodiac—to the celestial Jerusalem with its 12 gates (12 star signs).

It follows that the Irish tricolour must be hauled down—for it is not Celtic at all, not suitable for the people of the tuatha dé danann. The tricolour is a symbol of revolution, it derives from the French Revolution—hence the Irish are killed off, governed by a gay Asian and swamped by migrants, in their “republic”.

The leaders of Sinn Féin should have all been hanged—being secular Marxists who cared nothing for the Irish. The flag of the Druids, the Union Jack, must fly over Ireland once more—the Satanic republic must fall (lest the Irish be wiped out).

We are the heirs to the Druids—we herald the end of this dark age.

We are the heirs to the Druids—we herald the end of this dark age.

We are the heirs to the Druids—we herald the end of this dark age.

This is the flag we serve—we Hyperboreans.


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