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Esoteric Tripods

I always liked the children’s novel series “the Tripods”—in particular, I always liked the prequel. I have a thing about prequels—I like to get behind the story (right down to the bottom, the bottom of the glass). I remember I read the prequel when I was ill, aged about eight, on a maroon settee that years later became a nest for mice…

The plot in the Tripod series is that man lives in these medieval-type villages—at age 14 years he has a “cap” placed on him in a ceremony overseen by a giant mechanical Tripod (an alien war-machine). After that point, no free thought is allowed at all—the cap stops it. People just can’t think beyond certain bounds.

There are a few people—the young protagonist, the reader surrogate—who escape the cap. The young protagonist manages to escape his village, with help from a poet called “Ozymandius” who wears a false cap, and he meets other “uncapped” people—they then discover a giant alien city where the Tripods originate (the machines are driven by a race called “the Masters”), and our heroes also discover a human resistance movement to their rule of the earth (located in “the White Mountains”).

In the prequel, written 20 years after the first novels, the story is told of how the earth was conquered. The Tripods arrive, but are easily defeated. Then, a few years later, when everyone has forgotten, a TV show called The Trippy Show comes on—slowly more and more people become entranced by it until the entire population is under the sway of the Masters.

The family that the prequel follows flees to Switzerland—the only country that restricted the broadcasts and so remained free (or with fewer TV-zombies than other countries, anyway). It falls eventually, but the resistance is formed in “the White Mountains”.

What is the story really about? The author’s name, John Christopher, was a pseudonym—his real name was “Yehuda”. So he was a Jew. The Tripods is a story about how the Jews couldn’t conquer Europe through force, but used hypnotic TV programs (later Netflix and so on) instead. The “caps” that people are fitted with are the Jewish “kippahs” (a small cap-like hat) that, in effect, everyone in our Judaised world wears. Only a few remove the mind control device and realise who really are “the Masters” and who are “the peasants”.

The “White Mountains” refers to the abode of the Aryans—both in Switzerland and Tibet. To this day, Switzerland maintains aristocratic neutrality as regards the Ukraine War—which “the Masters” hate. They are fanatics—Jews, Muslims, Christians, Communists—and as great haters and fanatics must have total war for their beliefs. Aristocratic neutrality is not permitted, as Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me”.

Switzerland enrages them because with her solid banking system, citizen army, and republican agrarian virtues she has not been totally enslaved by usury, fanaticism, and lies.

Sweden, by contrast, has given up her neutrality at last—after years of hate propaganda because she was neutral in WWII; as she was perfectly entitled to be (except for fanatic moralists and believers—because if you don’t do what they say you’re evil and you’re going to hell).

I think Yehuda expressed this all on the unconscious level—he had dozens of pseudonyms himself (you could say he was a “master” of mass media illusion—aimed at children). People pointed out that he “borrowed” his Tripods from HG Wells’s The War of the Worlds. He claimed he “completely forgot” about these aliens—despite the fact Wells’s book started the genre and is ridiculously well known to the literate (and even the sub-literate). Well, the Jews do have a tendency to steal and invert.

Well, we are the resistance movement; we are the uncapped.

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