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Esoteric Great Seal of the United States

Pictured above is the seal of the United States of America. As noted in Third Eye Blind (II), the all-seeing eye, while not inherently malevolent, represents Masonry. The obverse is a Star of David composed from 13 stars.

The esoteric subtext is that Masonry is controlled by Judaism, hence the Star of David has always been America’s official seal from the start—America being founded by Freemasons. There are 13 stars for the 13 colonies that declared independence, but what is the other significance of 13?

Judas was the 13th disciple—the betrayer. So America, which was founded on treason, is the Judas-goat. It is Judas as a nation—betrayal being, per Dante, the worst crime (Brutus and Judas, for example, being eternally consumed by the Devil in the centre of Hell).

You might argue Judas is the 12th apostle—well, he was, until he was replaced by Matthias and so became “the 13th”. Further, in the apocryphal Gospel of Judas he is explicitly referred to as the “13th apostle”, the “13th daimon”.

From the Jewish perspective, the 12 stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel being led by Moses “the 13th” into the Holy Land. And, indeed, that is what the United States, as the agent of the Devil on earth, has done—since she created and sustains Israel.

So, as noted, the United States is the centrepiece of what the Muslims call “the Dajjalthe AntiChrist, the system of Judeo-Masonry. America was founded by the Devil and serves the Devil to this day as “the Great Satan”—land of treason, land of the lie, land of the Jews.

Oppose the United States in her every action, frustrate her people in their every deed.


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