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Esau and Jacob


The primordial Jewish myth is Esau and Jacob—it’s a story about deception, about how Esau is convinced to sell his birthright for a mess of pottage, thanks to a wolf in sheep’s clothing (as Jacob appears to receive the blessing of Issac).

What, then, are Christianity and Islam? Means by which people are convinced to sell their birthright for a mess of pottage—and the same could be said for Marxism and progressive liberalism (aka “the woke”).

Because the Christians are weak, people have forgotten what Christianity was really like in its ascendency—just as they have begun to forget what Marxism was really like in our own time.

Giambattista Vico originated contemporary “circular histories” in the late 1600s—no Vico, no Spengler. Yet if you read Vico you read a Christian who has utter contempt for “gentile” history (i.e. his own history).

Vico stated that all pagan history (dirty, inferior) was circular, whereas Jewish history was not—it terminated in blissful liberation from the cycle of history (of course, he didn’t know about Buddhism—which also talks about liberation from cycles, albeit in another way).

Now, people took Vico’s account of circular history and developed it as a theory of history—but Vico himself didn’t esteem circular history, he thought that was vile pagan rubbish (his own history, basically, which was demonstrably more glorious and beautiful than Jewish history—which he extolled)

And, indeed, pagan history makes more sense—for the Indo-Aryan Hindus measure the yuga cycles in millions of years, as accords with science (whereas the Bible claims the world was created 6,000 years ago—because it’s the record of an obscure desert tribe). What Jews think is “the final end of the world” is just another golden age that goes into another yuga cycle—they only think otherwise because they’re not sophisticated and they’re also very bigoted (thinking only they will be saved in the “final moment”).

You should read Vico to understand what Christianity was actually like when it was regnant, not this pale shadow it is today—what you’ll find, if you’re healthy, is that it constitutes the most repulsive grovelling to the Jews (very much like many residual American Christians today, so slaved to Israel) and that it is, in fact, just like Marxism and Islam.

You’ll find that it is utterly intolerant of anyone else and totally self-hating (as regards anything European)—just like its modern iteration, “wokeness”. It’s the same thing as Marxism—the same thing as the woke, the same thing as Islam.

It’s the deception of Jacob.

We talk today about how “the woke” disrupt Western history, replacing white historical characters with black characters, but Christians did just the same for centuries—they claimed their own history “wasn’t real history”, and that, for example, Plato got all his ideas from Moses, and other inane nonsense.

That is how you destroy people—destroy their historical consciousness; and they’re still at it today, with men like Yoram Hazony telling Europeans that “the West is Judaism”—he’s just pushing 1st-century AD “wokeness”.

Jordan Peterson likes to inveigh against “the sin of Cain”—but here’s another sin, here’s another crime: the lie of Jacob.

Islam and Christianity are, at base, means by which to get you to sell your birthright for a mess of pottage—and so is Marxism, and so is progressive liberalism.

Indeed, the other day I saw some Arab Muslim online who spent almost all his time complaining about Israel and bemoaning the Jews in support of Palestine, but then he saw India’s prime minister, Modi, bowing down before some naked fakir (it looked like he was about to kiss his penis). Our Arab friend went into an excess of righteous indignation—even the Jews are better than these pagan animals, he said. Even the Jews.

Keep in mind the Hindus have done nothing to the Palestinians, nothing to the Arabs—on the contrary, they have been invaded by the Muslims. Yet, presented by an odd custom, our Arab friend’s concern for his “Muslim brothers” in Palestine vanished—thank heavens the Jews brought us the one true God! (they are the people of the book after all—and, one day, they will see the error of their ways and convert to Islam; and the Christians think just the same—and the kabbalists who cooked up both religions, through various magical operations, tip their broad black homburgs).


As I noted previously, a religion is a bit like a gun—a Westerner can invent the cheap sub-machine gun and then an African, who could never make it himself, can turn it against Westerners. It’s the same with Christianity, it helps the Jews quite a lot—it makes people negate and denigrate their own history, it means, even if the Jews are about to be expelled, as usually happens sooner or later, a priest will interject and say, “Remember, they did give birth to our one true saviour, your majesty.”

So that helps, whereas before they didn’t have that cushion—it can’t stop it altogether but it’s an advance…

However, like a gun, it can be turned against you—you can be persecuted for failure to convert; and, as with a later invention, Marxism, you can be persecuted for failure to express solidarity with the international working class—for being a Zionist imperialist, for example.

That’s just the way the magic works, though—and, at base, it was always a one way street. Christianity, Islam, Marxism, and progressive liberalism Judaise people—tell them that the world can be run as a giant commune, a giant kibbutz, based on whether or not you are a “good person” (have become one of the saved).

In order to be saved, you just have to repudiate all your history, religion, and property—and, of course, though the Jews are dilatory in their conversion, they will join you in the international commune eventually and not hold themselves apart. Yes, they will join you—eventually

But eventually is such a long time. In the meantime, you become a Jew on the psychological level, push against every healthy instinct in you—deform your soul.

In actual fact, religion is less like a gun than a language. So the situation with Christians, say, is more like an educated Indian who wanted independence from Britain in 1901; he speaks flawless English, he lobbies and propagandises in English—he has turned the language of the occupier against them, like a Christian missionary in Jerusalem being spat upon as he struggles to bring the Jews to Christ.

The thing is, he still speaks English—at the end of the day it’s not his natural idiom, his true tongue. There are things he can say in Hindi that he just can’t say in English, and thoughts he can think in Hindi that he just can’t think in English—yet he’s turned English against his occupiers somewhat, though, as native speakers, they always have the edge on him.

It’s the same with Islam, Christianity, Marxism, and progressive liberalism—these can critique the Jews, for their “white supremacy” even, but in the end you’re using the idiom of the people you condemn. You are owned.

It’s the sin of Jacob—the lie of Jacob; and billions of people, perhaps only nominally in the case of Christianity today, have fallen for it and sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.

If you read Jewish advocates for Christianity, like David P. Goldman (aka Spengler, a stolen name), it’s clear, reading between the lines, that they envisage Christians as slaved to them or dead—and their contempt for pagans, nay, for Catholic Christians (Goldman wants to subvert Catholicism in particular) who say nations are real (other than “the one true” nation, of course) is unlimited.

Observation: popular things are rarely true—Christianity, Islam, Marxism, and progressive liberalism are really popular.

Observation: most religions, most thoughtful people, hold the world is in decay—everything gets worse from year to year—and the decline is synonymous with the rise of Islam and Christianity and Marxism and the power of the Jews.

Observation: the Devil—aka Satan—is “the lord of lies”, he is the deceiver; it is usually held that he is “the lord of this world”—and which faiths are based on lies, on the sin of Jacob? Christianity, Islam, Marxism, and progressive liberalism. Which race is known to extol Jacob the liar as their model? The Jews. Which race is known to lie? The Jews. Which race serves Satan and dominates the fallen world? The Jews.


There’s a bit in Kevin MacDonald where he uses National Socialism as an example of a counter-strategy to the Jewish evolutionary strategy—an exclusive ethnocentric group for Europeans, who generally aren’t that way. But he misses something about the Jews.

The Jews aren’t just very ethnocentric—they’re both and ethnocentric and like to infiltrate at the same time. So just to form an ethnocentric group is not sufficient defence because it will be infiltrated (plenty of Jewish neo-Nazis about, as it happens—and, if you know what the Jews are like, that’s a very Jewish thing to do); and your “ethnocentric bloc”, being conceived as nothing more than that, will not engage in a symmetric infiltration of the Jewish core—hence it will lose.

It’s like you saw that many of the Jews kidnapped from the kibbutzes recently were also peace activists—went and mixed in with the Palestinians and helped them. “Silly naïve fools”. But no, that is the strength of the Jewish strategy—it retains both an ethnocentric core and a periphery that puts on “the lamb skin” and infiltrates the enemy (draws them into peace initiatives, into “dialogue”, so lowering their ethnocentricity, while, at the same time, the Jewish ethnocentric core remains untouched).

A true “mirror of Judaism” would be both very ethnocentric and infiltrate the heartland of Judaism itself with a message of “dialogue” and the offer of a new “universal” religion that would encourage the Jews to give up their religion. Otherwise, if you’re just very ethnocentric, you’re only policing the boundaries—but the Jews are adept at violating the boundaries and maintaining an ethnocentric core at the same time.

I don’t think such a “mirror-image” can be constructed because it’s not a rational process—per MacDonald’s Darwinism it’s surely in the blood anyway, immutable (how can you be what you were bred not to be?). Really, I think what is involved here are powers from another dimension—I don’t think IQ and Darwinism are true at the deepest level, I think they are not how reality really is. So I would add that to pursue a mirror of the Jewish strategy, even only to the slight degree you’re able, would be to become deceitful and, hence, to serve the Devil—to serve the lord of lies.


I regard Islam and Christianity as lesser forms of Devil worship—because they tell people to worship the people of the Devil but do offer some critiques in that regard. Now, I don’t hold with there being a “true religion”—the idea of a “true religion” is something the Jews themselves cooked up to enslave other people and destroy other faiths. There are truths in Christianity, Islam, and even Judaism—just truths placed in the context of a wider lie.

Religions are like karate or judo—these are practices that can be executed in different ways, it’s possible to pervert these practices so that they hurt you and other people when you do them. Then you have a religion that is “Satanic”—but judo is no more the “true martial art” than karate.

As such, there are many ways to connect to the divine. It’s only selfish liars who claim there is one way—just as Marx claimed all economic activity had to be abrogated to the state (Marxism’s power, by the way, derives from kabbalah, as is evident in Das Kapital—Marxism, like Christianity and Islam, is a form of cabalistic enchantment by which to rob and exterminate gentiles)

I would add that Christianity and Islam were propagated by Jewish magicians precisely to create wars to wipe out other races and destroy their contact with the divine—the formulation that these are “the true religions” was what made them such vicious devices in this respect, it begat all the holy wars in history (the ultimate beneficiaries being the Jews).


The situation is very negative now—everything that has come to pass in America was always intended. It was founded by the Freemasons, who have always been controlled by the Jews. What America is today is what America always was intended to be: the tool of the Devil. The Iranians are right about “the Great Satan and the Little Satan” (America and Britain, as controlled by Judeo-Masonry).

The Aryans stand opposed this development because the Aryans are the truthful people—i.e. the opposite to “the sin of Jacob”. A Jewish scholar observed that Jacob’s actions were “not illegal but not honourable”—that sums up the Jewish ethos, technically legal but without honour (the very word “Aryan” means “honour”—truthfulness and honour are Aryan virtues). As the ancient Iranians said, “Better die than tell a lie.” But even the contemporary Iranians can’t manage that (neither can Putin)—they always say “America stands behind Israel”, trying to offload the blame on the whites, the Europeans.

But, of course, America is just the tool of the Jews—and the truth is not spoken, the Europeans are scapegoated, because most people will bend to and serve the Devil rather than tell the truth (and, of course, the Iranians and Russians are still trapped in Islam and Christianity—which is why they cannot speak the truth and instead scapegoat the Europeans for their wars with the Jews; it places certain mental blocks on truth-telling—the kabbalah is designed that way, these people are bound like Vico).

The Jews intend to exterminate all other peoples on the earth—enslave the remainder. That was what the Covid-19 pandemic was about, and the vaccine too—there are other tricks in store as well. The plans are well advanced and practically unopposed—apart from by, perhaps, the Palestinians.

The control is total because most people will serve the Devil at the end of time—or, to be technical, at the end of this cycle of the kali-yuga.

Christianity and Islam are religions of the Devil—just like Marxism and progressivism. All work in the same way, all are based on lies—all were created by the Devil to make people sell their birthrights to the Jews for a mess of pottage.

I mean “created by the Devil” as a literal statement—they were created from the negative and destructive principle from outside space and time.

While the holocaust happened, the real holocaust of the 20th century—and of 20 centuries before—was carried out by the Jewish-led Communist parties in China and Russia (which killed 100s of millions of people, not the 5.4M Jews the Germans killed—no films are made about those events, similar events being planned for Europeans right now, because the media is controlled by the Jews in the West and the Jews were well satisfied with what happened in Russia and China and elsewhere).

The Christians and the Muslims did just the same centuries earlier, with their various massacres of everyone who worshipped or thought differently to them and their self-destructive behaviours.

Indeed, Christianity and Islam are used to murder the gentiles even now—for example, in Britain there is a pro-Palestinian protest planned for events around this Remembrance Sunday, with a “patriotic” counter-protest summoned up by the Zionist Jews, so that there will be a clash and British sentiments can be inflamed so as to draw us into war against “the Muslims”—against Hamas; it’s just playing one side off against another to entangle us in another on behalf of the Jews, just like WWI and WWII.

In a similar way, the deluded Hindu nationalists support Israel because they think Israel is their common enemy against Islam. But who unleashed Islam against you, Hindus? But Modi is a modern man, he is not Aryan—he thinks true power lies in redundant “space rockets” built decades behind the Europeans (perhaps he himself is a Freemason, most in any senior positions are).

There are other things I can say—about how Mossad have special teams, disguised as cameramen for “documentaries”, who have interfered with the reincarnation process, the search for reincarnated lamas, in Tibet; and about the scions of Jewish banking families steeped in Haitian black magic who parody Evola and take drugs in stone circles to pervert and destroy the Aryan awakening…

There are many such things in process, most are hypnotised by the mass media—or find refuge in the Bible or Koran, as designed to destroy them just as well. But everyone in their heart knows when they see Hebrew characters written out that this is the language of the Devil, conceived in Hell—that’s what I always feel, always have felt, when I see it (revulsion).

Soon, the destruction will be upon us—and all but a very few will kneel to the Devil, to be considered “good” (and killed, along with their families). Only we few, we who offer our blood, we who know there is another world, we who refuse to lie, will prevail—for the gods will soon return, and I offer my blood for it to happen. I offer my blood so that this rule of Satan may end. I offer my blood so that this rule of Satan may end. I offer my blood so that this rule of Satan may end. ****


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