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English (negative language)

English is a really popular language—it’s the world’s lingua franca (ironic). It also came to prominence in modernity, and we know modernity is really bad (low quality). As the world becomes homogenised, falls into non-cohesive chaos, everyone starts to speak English—English is the language of dissolution and collapse. Further, English is also the language of the state we know comes from the Devil—America.

Ergo, English can’t be a positive language—it’s arguably the language of the Devil (although no language causes more revulsion in me than Hebrew—it’s why I can’t stand Crowley’s magic books and the magic books of Eliphas Levi, they’re covered in Hebrew; after all, in one of his magical operations Crowley was buggered by a Jewish guy to summon a demon, per the instructions of Hebrew magic. Natch).

Ancient Greek is more beautiful—as is Sanskrit (a precise language perfectly suited, like German and Ancient Greek, for philosophy). Sanskrit is closest to the primordial Aryan tongue, and it’s very clever because you can do things like, for example, build three puns on one word (you can make ultra-recursive self-referential statements in Sanskrit, and so its magical powers are immense—and the primordial language is even more powerful than that).


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