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EMJ = AntiChrist

An anon said to EMJ: “Catholic liberation theology is one of the biggest responsibles for the Marxism take over of Latin America, which leads to abortion, perversion, feminism, etc. You have a roof of glass.”

EMJ replied: “I'm confused. One response says that Robertson is not a Christian. Another says that Dispensationalism does not promote Zionism. I stand by what I said.”

EMJ covers for the communists—because liberation theology is Marxism and the Catholic Church is riddled with it.

He could just say, “Yes, you’re right, there’s a problem with liberation theology in the Church.”

But he doesn’t—because he has to defend the Church, whatever people say against it, just like a communist militant has to defend the communist party whatever it says.

From child rape to communism—the faithful defend it, because Catholic, because “the Church”.

Jones is right to say that everything can’t be reduced to “white people” when we talk about what makes a people a people, but he’d probably deny race exists altogether, at least in implicit terms—which would result in de facto communism, because if everyone is the same then we’re all just one family and inequality is an arbitrary imposition that we can remove through human action (liberation theology).

Hence he serves the AntiChrist—the Catholic Church is an AntiChrist Church, and always has been.

The Church of England is the same—you can see liberation theology in practice below.


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