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VV says: “In the spiritual realm, you can also create IDEAS that will last forever, but they are dependant on your RACE first and foremost, to survive in the long run. So these ideas should be ideas that ensure the betterment of your race!”.

So everything must be subordinate to race, in the biological sense. He takes this perspective, a kind of materialist pantheism, where nature is God and race is “eternal” as a continuation within the natural world, because, per his natal chart, he is like Jung—he is very interested in religion, but he struggles to think it is real. So this is as close as he can find credible.

You know what I’m going to say: the spiritual realm is superior—and everything is subordinate to it. VV is afraid as regards the spiritual realm because he only thinks in a Christian context still—he has absorbed a negative message from Nietzsche, the message being that Western nihilism began with Plato, when Plato said “there is another realm, hence you do not have to worry about this bodily reality”.

Then the Christians took that further and so now we have departed from “reality”—which is atheistic and materialistic. To be “real”, non-nihilistic, in Nietzsche’s sense, means to live “for this world only”—because this is the only world, the real world.

Hence the “Christian lie”, by extension the Jewish lie, is that there is another realm—and lots of white nationalists think that way, because they have been enchanted by Nietzsche and don’t even know it.

But they should consider why the Jews like Nietzsche so much, why they translated him so quickly, and why he had such positive things to say about them—notwithstanding Nietzsche’s correct particular insights, his general message is poison.

In fact, Nietzsche was the first “self-hating white man”—he wanted to be a Polish aristocrat, a Frenchman, anything but a German. The contemporary “woke” movement is unthinkable without Nietzsche—without his perspectivalism.

The reason for this to be so is Nietzsche’s split with Wagner. This happened because Nietzsche did a little musical composition himself, but he could never match Wagner—so he became jealous and fell out with him (he also fancied his wife—whom he wrote a love letter to in his madness); and so Nietzsche adopted the opposite views to Wagner—atheism and philo-Semitism.

When liberal scholars say, “Nietzsche’s sister misrepresented his thought to be compatible with Hitler’s Germany, because her husband was an anti-Semite and she loved Wagner’s music,” they are correct. Nietzsche’s thought is not compatible with Hitlerism—it has to be twisted to make it so. It is very compatible with progressive liberalism—we very much live in Nietzsche’s world today.

Three men who made the 20th century: Marx, Freud, Nietzsche—three men who developed what Ricoeur called “the hermeneutics of suspicion”. And if these three men never existed how much better our world would be—true, Nietzsche was the least destructive among three destructors, but he was destructive enough.


VV also thinks about Christian and Muslim ideas where everyone is equal in heaven—he’s afraid that if that is true, his racial ideas are null. And he also accepts that idea from Nietzsche that this is what the Jews lie about, that there are “miracles” and “heaven”. And, finally, he thinks it’s too soft and not masculine—it’s not harsh, it means we can’t be harsh here. People who think “that stuff” is real are soft in the head or gullible ninnies.

Hence we need to raise ourselves up, “as gods”, through science—which is what Nietzsche said (although VV is ambivalent about science, he likes AI art but dislikes civilisation). So Europeans are “realistic” because we don’t think there’s another world, which is a lie to distract people, and we just do science and technology. Sure, you can talk about gods and goddesses as metaphors—but it’s just metaphorical, a better metaphor than Jesus and angels, but a metaphor nonetheless.

But the material is subordinate to the spiritual. The races continue to exist in another realm and only derive their existence from that realm—the same can be said for individuals and animals, for all existence. Blood needs to be preserved because it contains the cardinal spiritual quality and there are “many paths, one destination”—hence to reunite with the higher domains, to bring ourselves into compete harmony with them, our blood needs to be preserved.

Yet the blood’s particular quality derives from another realm—even if your race were to be exterminated on earth it would continue to exist in another dimension.

All religions speak about the value of blood, whether Mithras as he slays the bull or the blood of Christ gathered in the Holy Grail—but, in the modern world, blood has no particular properties at all (aside from its chemical composition). Yet blood has vast spiritual power, it is the most powerful spiritual agent.


People lie about many things, but the main thing people lie about is death. In particular, death is not real—and only has an illusory quality. Life and death are the same thing—different sides to the same coin. You can sometimes get people to admit this is true when you catch them off-guard, as when my mother once said to me, “I’ll die soon,” and I said, as she left the room, “But no one ever dies really,” and she said, “That’s true.”

Today, people walk around—but the people around me are dead, while the people in the other realm are alive. The dead are alive, and I am among the living dead—who are sleepers who do not know they are asleep.

For the most part, people believe death to be the end—and the “good news” is that it is not. In a sense, it’s “too good to be true”, but it is true—the reason nobody thinks it’s true is the same reason people don’t think the gods are real as literal entities, people lie to an extraordinary degree. In fact, people lie so much, to themselves as much as to other people, that it is remarkable that anything functions on this planet at all.

True, the other realm is not like the sentimental Christian heaven—it is not a personal survival, it is not an equalitarian survival. Yet, yes, just like people say about their near-death experiences, you go back to the light—the astral light.

The reason the Devil lies about immortality is that if people do not think there is a continuation to life then there is no limit to what they will do to save their lives on earth—they will murder, steal, cheat, and lie. And it will be justified, because you only have one life—and your only continuation is your children. Hence there is no limit to which people will abase themselves, no tyranny they will not endure—rather than die.

That is why the Devil lies about the afterlife.


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