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Dugin the hypocrite (III)

Dugin speaks about how the West has fallen into “process” thought since it left Christendom.

Becoming has taken priority over being—Nietzsche over Augustine.

So his idea is that we need to go back to the static world of Christendom.

A time when Aristotle was the 5th gospel and you didn’t need to know anything else other than Aristotle by heart.

But does Dugin know that Whitehead’s process philosophy, developed by a man who knew no Aristotle, only the latest mathematics and physics, recapitulated Aristotle’s cosmology?

So the very “process” thought he disdains actually came round to independent concordance with what Aristotle said—and so created a neo-Aristotelian view of the cosmos?

Hence the idea “the problem is process thought, the problem is modern science” cannot be true—because modern “becoming” science agrees with old “being” thought.

I don’t subscribe to this idea “everything went wrong when we left Christendom, when we stopped treating Aristotle as revealed truth”.

Remember that Christianity is more than just to believe in Jesus—it means, among other things, to treat Aristotle as revealed truth (though he himself never thought that way).

I take the Hindu view that we live in cycles of decline that stretch over millions of years.

So it has been downhill for a long time—cycles within cycles.

And just to go back to Christendom wouldn’t fix it—even if we could do that; and, besides, Dugin’s Russia, even if relatively conservative with respect to the West, has no intention of doing that.

Dugin also says later on that Deleuze and Guattari think “capitalism ends in schizophrenia”.

What this shows is that he hasn’t read them—because they explicitly use the term “schizophrenia” in a non-clinical way, they use it as a loose analogy for their system of philosophy.

It’s not their contention that Jeff Bezos is schizophrenic or that “capitalism sends you schizo”.

Since this is about the first thing they say in their books we can conclude that Dugin is a pseud who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


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