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Dugin and the heart

I said Dugin was a fraud before. Now he decides to besmirch the heart as well. You can tell he doesn’t really think this is true from the sly little look he gives to the camera after he says it—just to check to see if he got away with it.

He thinks that “the heart” is what people think it is in ordinary language—about emotions and about being a “good person”. As discussed in the last few articles, that is not what the heart is. The heart is synonymous with intuition—what the heart knows might be outrageous, not “good” in a conventional sense; and it is not just about “positive emotions” or “good vibes” towards somebody.

The minimum requirement to awaken the heart is to be sincere: that means to be truthful, not to lie, and to mean what you say.

You can tell Dugin doesn’t mean what he says here because of that sly little glance at the end—just to check he got away with saying what he doesn’t mean (the other word to describe his eye movement is “shifty”).

Dugin talks about “the globalist international empire” that homogenises everything—but what he has said here is no different from a Western progressive liberal. He just put a religious complexion on it, rather than the standard secular progressive slant—which would be to say “I’m just for ‘good people’…there are good people everywhere, right? We’re all just human at the end of the day”.

The upshot from his position here is that anyone can be anything so long as they recite the correct formula—which means all races and religions are interchangeable. That’s just what his American “enemies” say too…

I said before, as regards Dugin’s quaternary pictured on his book The Fourth Political Theory, that he has inverted the quaternary and that he doesn’t really understand Guénon or Evola and is just a standard academic; and here he has proved it, because he does not understand a concept like “the heart”, central to Guénon, at all; and Dugin is quite a feminist too, to judge by the esteem in which he held his daughter as an independent professional woman.

This video confirms my original analysis—Dugin is not what he purports to be, and not what many people think he is.

What we see above is not what it means to speak from the heart—it is the complete opposite.


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