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Dream (I)

I was in the ante-room to Hell; a vast chamber with a root-like roof and three bare trees at its centre; everything was very earthy—the scenery was not dissimilar to the video game Quake. At the end of the room was a high plateau; at the plateau’s top a notable Twitter user with a Russian username had been killed—his remains were there, just bones. As I came down from the high plateau, I killed members of the Soviet politburo with an automatic as they fled downwards—perhaps Khrushchev among them.

Down below, I found a young man who had slipped into a crevasse and was almost lost; he was pale and cold and I pulled him up by the arm—the crevasse extended beneath a large boulder. The young man was very thin, almost blue with cold. I walked to the room’s centre, where large trees reached up to the ceiling high above—at the ceiling the branches became roots that met the roof and formed a patchwork above it. This is a common theme from ancient literature, the tree that grows its roots upwards. I moved my sword around to fight off demons. Yet I could never quite connect with them—I could never see them. The general sensation was claustrophobic, as if I had been smothered.

I walked over to the plateau’s bottom and looked up and saw that at the top was a giant eye—and I knew this was where the invisible evil I fought against came from. As I stared at it, the eye expanded out to me at the plateau’s bottom—larger and larger—and I saw there were four demons in the eye, each in his own quarter; one was Anubis, the Egyptian dog god. I knew they were about to come through to our world. The eye expanded further and further until it almost swallowed me. “You wanted to see in? See in,” they said. I was terrified and felt that I might be unable to repel the demons as they poured through the eye; and yet I warned them that I would fight them if they intruded into our dimension. “Stand back and we will not intrude. We do not come where we are not bidden,” replied Anubis. I agreed to the demarcation and they stepped back—the eye withdrew.

After I woke up, frightened, I went back to sleep and saw a giant man—an angel, he shimmered in whiteness—who strode across a city that was engulfed in fire. He had a giant sword, with which he scourged the city. I had a sensation that he was St. Michael, an intuition.


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