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Dr. Zhivago and the Muslim rape gangs (II)

But isn’t this about race?

There are multi-racial societies like Singapore that don’t have these problems.

If we had the death penalty, corporal punishment, and conservative social policies you could have different races and religions here and not have rape gangs.

So if you enforce the law these problems wouldn’t exist.

And that includes immigration law—because most of these people wouldn’t be here.

Singapore sacrifices culture in exchange for a multi-cultural and multi-racial society—people from Singapore might be neat and tidy, but they’re also bland consumers.

That’s why I wouldn’t want to live in a multi-racial or multi-cultural society even if the law were followed—it has no depth.

I saw a recent video where some girl chatted to an Asian guy—and he was chatting her up, and she had him on video, and she said “I’m 15” and he said “So?” and she said “How old are you?” and he said “25”.

And we were meant to be horrified.

But there are Westerners still alive, very old but alive, whose father would have been 22 and their mother 13 when they were married.

And that was normal in the West until about 70 years ago—the age of consent in Britain for about 900 years was 12.

That wasn’t the normal age people married, but it was the principle.

“A 25-year-old man sleeps with a 15-year-old girl. Child abuse!”

It’s only because we live in a sentimental society where “childhood” extends to 27 that you think she’s a “vulnerable dependent” rather than the wily whore she is.

If she made that video on her own initiative, she’s a smart little whore who knows how to incite men to fight over her—because they’re led by their sentimentalism and sexual desire for women.

If she were put up to it, which she was, then she’s a pliable whore—and the man behind it is involved in entrapment, which is contrary to justice; and he also wants to incite people to hate Muslim Asians—through a lie, which is also contrary to justice.

There was no “crime”—except by the standards enacted by feminism, which is the problem.

The whole mindset “we need to protect our girls from predation” is implicated in the problem.

It’s predicated on a false idea—the idea is that once “the masses” realise “our girls” are being predated upon by the foreigners then they will “rise up”.

But revolutions don’t happen that way—they happen when a small disciplined elite takes the initiative during a crisis.

The “masses” will never “boil over” in rage over these issues.

Men aren’t really that bothered about “our girls”.

In Cold War documentaries they often interview men who would be in the government bunkers because they work in some critical function.

And they always ask, “How will you cope knowing your family is up there and you’re down here?”.

And the men always make generally agreeable noises about how “they’ve made plans, and it will be hard but it has to be done”.

However, their body language and the way they speak reveals the truth: they’re perfectly happy to go down into the bunkers—because they will survive; and, secondly, to survive a nuclear war in a bunker will be the most fantastic adventure ever.

This is what man is really like—all this “me wife and kiddies” business is sentimentalism that people put about to look good.

Because you’re not going to say “actually, I relish the prospect of nuclear war to escape the nagging cow and the little brats”.

Men will revolt because they’re taken out of video games, as happens to straight white men today, but not for “our girls”.

That’s just something people pretend to care about, want you to think they care about to look good.

They’re going to get into pointless street fights with Muslim Asians over worthless whores—fights that will resolve nothing.

The real problem here: Judeo-Masonry—that’s the racial and spiritual issue.

We’re governed by Jews who haven’t accepted Jesus and their Freemasonic allies—both are aligned with the AntiChrist.


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