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Dr. Zhivago and the Muslim rape gangs

A theme in the 2010s—a theme that played into the Brexit vote—was the fact that gangs of Muslim Asian rapists were uncovered across Britain, and that the authorities had done nothing about these gangs, and that the girls involved were often as young as 12.

There are people who say this is a “cultural” issue—which is a euphemism, but it’s also a decadence issue.

The above scene is from Dr. Zhivago (1965). Viktor Komarovsky is the “villain” in this film, but, nonetheless, there is a point to what he says to Lara here: “There are two types of women, and you, as we know, are certainly not the first kind—you, my dear, are a slut.”

Now, Zhivago is still a progressive novel and a progressive film—so Komarovsky’s attitude here is “evil”.

However, it is also the normal attitude for most of human history—“there are two types of women, sluts and respectable women—if you’re not the latter, then you’re the former, and you get treated like what you are. A whore.”

For anyone from a traditional environment, the way Western women behave says “slut”.

They say it in the way they dress, in the way they act—and if a woman is a slut then she is a prostitute, in effect, so she is fair game.

She’s not marriage material, she’s “damaged goods” as they used to say (broken hymen)—she wears a skirt above her knee and lots of slap, or yoga pants that reveal everything, and she wanders about the streets on her own…so she’s a prostitute.

That’s the conclusion a traditional person would draw, that’s what an Englishman in the 18th century would say.

It’s only Westerners who think otherwise—they live in a deluded imaginary world where a woman can go to university, sleep with five or six men, and then finally “settle down” at 30.

As the Buddhist monks said to RD Laing when he said he couldn’t stay at the monastery because he had a wife and child, “Your wife isn’t Asian, she’s half man anyway—she’ll be okay.”

What they meant is that since she’s a Western woman she works, she’s educated, she behaves half like a man—so why worry, it’s not like you have to support her, like an Indian woman who just dies in the gutter without a male relative.

Further, people make a lot noise about “only 12”—but the age of consent in England for 900 years, until the late 19th century, was 12.

It’s only because you are so locked into modernity, into the sentimental cult of the child, that this takes on a special valence for you.

It’s the fact people see these girls as sentimental “victims” that shows how deranged the West is—caught between two “victim” groups, Muslim Asian immigrants or underclass white girls.

These girls were predated upon in the first place because they come from decadent families—divorce, booze, drugs, welfare.

The social workers and the police who are “responsible” for these people perceive them as scum, even if they are meant to help them (given the current state of the British police it’s an outside chance the officers rape the girls themselves).

Because the welfare state is a con, and doesn’t help (like the NHS).

The way the “rape gangs” behave is more normal than what most British people live in—and people who are angry about it want to defend “our modern civilised country” against “Muslim barbarity”.

Actually, you want to defend a decadent and sick society based on universal female prostitution from behaviour that has been normative throughout human history.

If you want less behaviour like that, kick women out of education, enforce modest dress codes, restore marriage, restore social sanctions for unaccompanied women, ban pornography, and censor popular music and film.

So that it’s like one of those Victorian novels where “a scandal” means that a single woman and a single man were in the same drawing room for three minutes alone (we shall never speak of this)—and not dick pics and twat shots.


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