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Don’t smile


Sam Melia was sent to prison the other day because he put up stickers that said “It’s Okay to Be White”.

In all the photos I’ve seen of him, he smiles a big broad awkward grin. It looks fake and phoney—he doesn’t want to smile really, it doesn’t come natural.

This is a terrible strategy, doubtless instigated by his wife.

The idea is “we’re big scary nationalists everyone thinks are Nazis so let’s look friendly so it’s harder to criticise us”.

Who do you think you will convince?

The left will hate you whatever you do.

And you can’t outflank the media with a smile.

What do people like about nationalists?

They like that you are big, scary, serious people.

Sure, people pretend to hate it—but they love to hate it.

Secretly, they’re glad that there are jackbooted nutcases who say, “I’m for the English, you see this blood—it’s English, I bleed England, mate!”.

If you want people who smile and say “lovely” then go to Starbucks—go and drink the inclusive and welcoming trans-latte.

We have enough politicians like that “I’m for a fairer, better Britain” (milky, harmless, nobody cares—either party could have said it).

“I’m for blood, soil, family.”

Well, that made you sit up—it’s not another cloned politician, it has the whiff of the abattoir about it.

But people won’t like us!

What are you? You call yourself a “nationalist”—do you think Britain achieved an empire by being “liked”? Then again, did Britain achieve an empire by being “white”? Or was that a term, like “genocide”, that you picked up from the American-Jewish media that brainwashed you?

Look, all you’ll do by smiling in photographs is alienate the ethnocentric nutters who are your natural constituency—you won’t win over new people, and everyone despises weakness.

All you do is look weak and stupid to people who would naturally support you otherwise.

This is meant to be serious:

Our children raped.

Our people exterminated.

Our history destroyed.

What is there to smile about? People want a “national redoubt” composed from serious people, not another “lovely smile” (which you can get anywhere).

Also, although many will not accept this is so, this is a conflict with the AntiChrist—the AntiChrist looks “nice”, but it isn’t. The AntiChrist is remorseless and pure evil—and will stop at nothing to win.

When it gets its way, these things happen:

(a) children propagandised into trans ideas mutilate themselves in a permanent way;

(b) teenagers get raped by foreign gangs;

(c) women persuaded to play full-contact male sports through feminist propaganda are crippled.

What is funny about it? I mean, I’m a fool—a joker—but I think the biggest joke is the truth. I don’t offer you comedy, I offer you a blunt statement that, as Marx said with regard to Clausewitz, “has common sense that borders on wit”.

You will not defeat the AntiChrist through “smiles”—the seductive and persuasive smile is the problem.

Women are the problem—from Pandora’s box to Eve.

To be more “smiley” will not help—it’s part of the problem.

Now, I don’t mean you have to be rude and cruel—just be serious, it’s serious; and the humour, the real humour, is unintentional.

We’re jokers, not comedians.


You know how movies always have this humourless SS officer as the villain?

People are fascinated by that, frightened and fascinated by it, because we live in a completely unserious society where people are like “lol, whatever” or “just be yourself” or whatever sentimental jargon the multi-coloured music box programmed them to spout.

This also goes for the slogan “It’s Okay to Be White”—it’s meant to be “clever”, right?

Because how could anyone object to such a reasonable slogan—are you saying it’s not okay to be white?

Look, you’re playing a passive-aggressive game like a woman. You want to have your cake and eat it and play the innocent—but you’re still in jail.

From “white power” to “it’s okay to be white”—even the nutcases aren’t what they used to be.

You don’t win like that, anyway. Look at Trump—he’s a winner, in his own terms. Where’s the “clever” passive-aggressive games?

Make America Great Again!

Not “it’s okay to be American”.

Strength. Power. Determination.

Since you’re going to jail anyway, you might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb—you might as well throw the Hitler salute, because that’s what people think anyway, and people actually respect and fear a sincere nutcase.

They don’t respect or fear weak passive-aggressive slogans where “white people” play games, victim games.

I would add that there’s a picture of Melia with his wife and child where they pull the smile and they’re wearing Helly Hansen life jackets on a boat—the logo of Helly Hansen is “HH”.

Now, I can’t say that there’s an actual link to “Heil Hitler”, but I know that people on the radical right do this kind of schizoid stuff all the time—and I do it too.

But look, you’re not as clever as you think—it’s okay to pull schizo symbolism as a private individual, but when you do that stuff as an organisation or as a politician you look weak.

You’re just like all the democratic politicians now—playing cute games and not telling people the truth, though you’re not meant to be like the weasel democrats, you’re meant to tell them hard home truths.

Ha, ha you’ll never catch me saying I agree with Hitler, but I’ll put in some hint I really do.

Most people can see through that and they’ll treat you with deserved hatred and contempt for your weakness. If you play games with people, you just make them want to attack you (it’s the same tactic as Extinction Rebellion).

So all this does is antagonise people and make the media keen to put hidden cameras into your organisation to catch someone on camera, when they’re pissed, saying “I’m for Hitler”.

Then your whole lie project is blown wide open—as it deserves to be, for your cowardice.

Waste of time—don’t play games with people, not if you’re serious.

Don’t smile, at least not a staged grin—you’re meant to be engaged in a life and death struggle, and if you actually want Britain to be a homogenous society then the casualty rate will be at least 150,000.

Now, I don’t want that to happen—I don’t want to see 150,000 people killed, killed in grotesque ways like in the Syrian Civil War.

But if that’s what you want, that’s what it will take—so you better adopt the right attitude for that, or is this all a game we’re playing so “white people” can be victims too, get ring-fenced funding for rune-themed playgrounds or something?

Personally, I’m British and Hyperborean.

Anyway, if you’re serious, you better start looking serious—because you’re going to jail looking “nice” anyway.


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