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Christianity, Islam, and Marxism confer Semitic equalitarian ethnocentric views on those who adopt them—so when you join these religions you join an artificial tribe, just like the Semitic tribes.

Europeans don’t organise themselves as a tribe where efforts are made to equalise everyone—we live in military aristocracies; so when we operate with these adopted beliefs we hobble ourselves (although there is a slight gain in that we become ethnocentric fanatics for that belief “We are Zion! We are Zion!”—though, in my opinion, we lose more than we gain).

Benjamin Disraeli was Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister. He converted to Christianity to do it—because you had to be a Christian to be in Parliament in those days. Disraeli invented the viewpoint called “One Nation Conservatism”. This viewpoint holds that the role of the aristocracy is to care for the lower orders so that the nation is one…one…tribe.

Just as Marx invented Marxism to express the Jewish racial sensibility in a secular form, so too Disraeli invented One Nation Conservatism almost in tandem. The idea is the same, except one is applied on the international scene and the other the national—we are one big tribe where everyone cares for each other so that nobody really excels.

I don’t suggest this was a conscious thought process, it’s just that we all think with our blood. So Marx and Disraeli, although no longer religious Jews, developed theories that just expressed the Jewish condition and moral sensibility in secular terms for Gentiles—St. Paul did the same, albeit as a new religion.

In the post-war period, Conservatives used to call themselves “One Nation Conservatives” as they implemented socialist policies—and David Cameron used to hail Disraeli and call himself a One Nation Conservative (perhaps it helps to tip your hat to our masters…).

Disraeli started life as a Radical—not even a Liberal (the Radicals were almost totally marginal in British politics). He actually enacted through the Conservative Party many Radical program points—for example, he doubled the size of the electorate and allowed trade unions to picket.

These were completely out of keeping with Tory ideas—he also indulged in imperialism, usually the bailiwick of the Liberals (wars to educate Afghan girls have a long pedigree; and democracy, all the way back to Athens, has always been imperialist).

And, just like the early Christians, he knew how to flatter the ladies—he made Victoria “Empress of India” because she was jelly that her Russian relatives were more important than her (the English did not approve of this “Oriental despotism”). And one noblewoman, on her deathbed, when asked by a priest to turn her thoughts to Christ, said, “You know Dizzy is my JC”. The woman-Jew coalition has a long provenance—all the way back to Ancient Rome, in fact.

Finally, Disraeli removed the disability on Jews sitting in Parliament—so that a Rothschild could sit in Parliament as a Rothschild. So…he converted to Christianity but he still served his racial group’s interests…he even said “Christianity completes Judaism”. How so? In that it kills off anyone who isn’t a Jew? Or in that Jews think Christ is boiled in hell in excrement?

Well, by the time all this happened, in the mid-1850s, nobody believed in religion anymore than anyone does today (except back then there was a big cultural deadweight—a snobbery that you pretended to be pious, even if you weren’t). You know, back when people were really religious, back when the Inquisition was around, people didn’t take “conversions” by Jews so lightly (everyone watched the conversos like the proverbial hawk—because, you know, they tended to backslide somewhat).

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that it’s in the blood. The thought pattern is inherent—so it doesn’t matter if you become a Tory, you still implement the same ideas. On the conscious level, perhaps it’s easier to sneak your Radical agenda through in the Conservative Party where no one would expect it—and where people naively expect a “gentleman” to keep his word.

Here’s the end of Disraeli’s novel Contarini Fleming: A Psychological Romance (1832)—a novel he regarded as his best (though it was a financial flop):

“Here let me pass my life in the study and the creation of the beautiful. Such is my desire; but whether it will be my career is, I feel, doubtful. My interest in the happiness of my race is too keen to permit me for a moment to be blind to the storms that lour on the horizon of society.

Perchance also the political regeneration of the country to which I am devoted may not be distant, and in that great work I am resolved to participate. Bitter jest, that the most civilised portion of the globe should be considered incapable of self-government!

When I examine the state of European society with the an impassioned spirit which the philosopher can alone command, I perceive that it is in a state of transition — a state of transition from feudal to federal principles. This I conceive to be the sole and secret cause of all the convulsions that have occurred and are to occur.”

I don’t want to subscribe to a “world Jewish conspiracy over thousands of years”—but it is striking how all the European aristocracies have been destroyed and Europe is now a federal state, isn’t it? Well, perhaps Disraeli was just far-sighted…or perhaps he knew something we don’t know…After all, when he refers to “my race” in this novel he writes as a Norman aristocrat, as his character—but perhaps he really put this down as a Jew.

It’s the same vision as Nietzsche, by the way—“father of the European Union”; it’s the vision of an atheist mixed-race European-Jewish “aristocracy” located in a pan-European state that dominates the world through technology—that all came to Nietzsche when he turned his back on Wagner in jealousy, because Wagner could create beautiful music and Nietzsche couldn’t.

It came to him when he began to associate with Paul Rée (Jewish)—“Reee,” as Pepe the Frog might say. It came to him when he turned his back on the immortal stars.

Perhaps Nietzsche was in visionary mode there, really did see the future…the future of European decline.

If you study history, the Jews have always opened the gates on the Christians and the Muslims they served (served well, up to the point they served up their heads on a plate)—so that the inhabitants of, say, Jerusalem could be massacred.

So who has opened the gates of Europe and America over the past 50 years? Who is responsible when you see a European child killed by a Muslim terrorist? To ask the question is to answer it.


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