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Different path

All the supernatural events that have happened to me took place after I disassociated myself from everything around Landian neoreaction and Nietzschean thought, from people who dismissed those with a religious orientation as “religionfags”—after when I literally said to someone who thought that way, “I’m on a different path,” and then blocked them.

I wasn’t an atheist then, anyway—I just happened to move in that milieu. I don’t follow any religion, though I practiced Buddhism for a while—and I’m closest to that or to Hinduism (Hinduism is only for Indians, and can only be practiced in India); but I’m not a Buddhist.

The fact that these supernatural events took place after I disassociated myself from people on a Landian-Nietzschean path indicates to me that AI is associated with the AntiChrist, since that whole thought system extols AI—and yet when I unplugged from it, I had supernatural experiences.


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