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This photo depicts Gloria Vanderbilt and her two sons—the one on the left, with one eye covered, became Anderson Cooper (a rather plastic anchor on CNN). Someone under the name of St. Augustine on Twitter claimed the religious scene depicted above the bed is “demonic”—and this point was quibbled, after all the general thrust seems to be Christian. It is demonic, the female in the scene is not the Virgin Mary but a demon. “And how did you come across this esoteric knowledge, and is it the demon Buzebel from Babylon?”. There’s no esoteric knowledge involved, it’s just I looked at the woman depicted and she appears to have a malevolent facial expression and narrowed eyes—and so I take the image to look demonic, not as Mary is commonly depicted. It is as simple as that.

Further, contrary to typical representations of Mary, the female figure seems to be hovering over the body of Christ (as if in triumph that he has been killed)—it is more typical for Mary to be cradling Christ, certainly there’s no warmth there. Hence we have further grounds to regard the depiction as an inversion—that is to say, Satanic. In addition, Gloria Vanderbilt has a remarkably false smile that undoubtedly conceals malevolence—and so the female figure in the religious scene above, with a distorted face, is really her (women reliably pick out images that really are them; in this case, it represents her triumph over men).

Anderson Cooper has one eye covered—it’s a common Masonic sign; it reflects an old sign, the all-seeing eye, that is not malevolent in and of itself and is a common motif in many religions (indeed it goes back to ancient Egypt and refers to the two eyes of Horus). However, the way it is used Masonically is typically to assert “I am God”, when the true “eye of God” is within you and sees outwards as opposed to being that which you bestow upon yourself as an externality. In this distorted form, I refer to it as “the evil eye”. Notably, the other boy, who has both eyes open, later committed suicide in this very room—he also looks like a likeable person as opposed to the other two creatures in the picture. I suppose if you have your eyes open you might be so horrified by what surrounds you that you would kill yourself.


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