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Dawkins & Ali

You may have noticed that the “New Atheists”, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Richard Dawkins, have either converted to Christianity or are making friendly noises about being “cultural Christians” (in the case of Dawkins).

You have to remember what New Atheism was really about—it was created in the aftermath of 9/11 to canalise educated Western public opinion away from anything racial or anything connected to the Crusades.

The Jews were frightened that if the West went to war with Islam that Europeans would remember and mobilise people on the basis of ideas like “Christendom” and “the Crusades” and that this would, as an incidental factor, reanimate the prohibitions on the Jews that went along with those situations.

So New Atheism was invented to decant popular educated sentiment away from that idea and towards a generalised hostility towards all religion—with a particular accent on Islam.

Now that Islam is even more powerful in Europe, the New Atheists have moved towards the remains of Christianity as a stronger defence—the main goal of the War on Terror has already been achieved by Judeo-Masonry, Europe has been flooded with Muslims and hence the Europeans will be distracted fighting with them for an indefinite period, hence the Jews will be safe.

It’s like alchemy—with people and blood, you react one element against another.

So the “New Atheism” has achieved its purpose and can be dispensed with—the goal now is to stoke maximum hostility between Muslims and cultural Christians within Europe to the benefit of Israel.

They play on the way Europeans believe themselves to be superior to Muslims because they “treat women better” (let them have OnlyFans accounts) and have technology—they play on European egotism and arrogance, the European delusion that they run the world when really they run nothing.

So now people can be more Christian, but now the situation is too advanced to threaten the Jews.

The true enemy is Judeo-Masonry.

The Muslims wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Judeo-Masonry and its immigration policies.


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