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David Icke (reject)

Updated: Mar 19

Let’s say you ask me, “Are you the son of God”?. Here is what I would reply, “No, I’m a man”.

Let’s say you ask me, “Are you Jesus?”. Here is what I would reply, “No, I’m a man”.

It’s simple enough to answer, but David Icke dodges here (like a politician).

In body language terms he says “yes, the thing is” and then does what body language experts call “chaff and redirect”.

He literally redirects, points at the audience to redirect attention, and says “it’s quite funny really” at their laughter—but it’s not funny, because they’re laughing at him, at his pomposity.

When people display those behaviours they want to hide something—they don’t want to answer the question.

By refusing to answer the question directly, he strongly implies he is the son of God (but is too modest to say—and wouldn’t “the real Jesus” be too modest to say? Actually, Jesus openly referred to “my Father”, he didn’t play false modesty at all—as phoney Messiahs do).

Icke turns away from Wogan, because Wogan is the threat, he is the questioner—and he addresses the audience instead, because he wants to generate their agreement to protect himself from Wogan’s questions.

He keeps his hands “steepled” before his body because he’s protecting his body from a perceived threat.

I think it’s because he thinks he is “the son of God”, possibly Jesus reincarnated or someone in a state similar to Jesus.

But he’s afraid to say that, afraid that he will be rejected—so he just hints.

Indeed, he goes on to say “they laughed at a guy […] 2000 years ago”, which strongly implies, because he doesn’t say “I’m Jesus”, that he is “that guy” returned (the idea is, again, that the true Messiah would be “too modest to say”—but he wasn’t, and people didn’t really laugh at Jesus either).

Then Icke picks at his fingers, to signal deep cogitation and also that he isn’t flustered by the laughter and to show disdain for Wogan, before he gives us an elaboration of “the real message of Jesus”.

There have been “many attempts” to liberate people down the centuries (implication that Icke is another such “attempt” to defeat Satan—who Icke later says is really called “Lucifer”, to suggest he has some “special knowledge”, although to use Lucifer as a synonym for Satan is normal).

He then uses a brushing motion to push the accusations away—nominally, he’s pushing Satan away, but, really, he’s pushing Wogan’s questions away.

The Icke MO, which is common to men like him, is to hint that he is the Second Coming but never to actually answer a question directly.

He’s not truthful—he uses a politician’s words and body language.

I agree with his idea that Jesus was a man in union with the Godhead, with the higher states of being, just like Muhammad and Buddha.

And I agree that there have been, in that sense, many “sons of God”—and that, potentially, “anyone” could be a son of God if we understand that in Eastern religious terms.

But they don’t speak like Icke if they are—because they are truthful people.

Earlier in the interview, Icke says he wears turquoise because it’s the colour of love—which it is, if you’re born on certain day, and that’s why my ring is turquoise (because I was born on the sixth day—and six is the number of love).

However, he also says that black is an evil colour, but black is the colour of wisdom.

Icke never says that the Jews should accept Jesus—he just says there are wicked sects of Jews, the Sabbatians or the Rothschilds.

And he talks about how there are no differences between the races—but if that is so, what is his problem with “one-world government”?

If we’re all the same we should all have the same government, right?

So he’s a false prophet—he speaks like a politician.

As a synchronous advert told me after I watched this video, “he’s an idiot with a million quid”.


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