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Crystal salt

Last night, I achieved the “highest and noblest thing Nature and art can ever achieve”—it’s what the alchemists call “crystallisation” (vitrificationem).

It is the hermetic “vessel” which is “made from pure crystal” that makes it impossible for you to be insincere with yourself.

The final step is not written in any books but the masters give hints—yet they say only those favoured by God will get them, otherwise they will not even suspect their existence.

Hence I found my crystal hung round the neck of a foul-mouthed Scouse called “law” (“Lex”).

She had spoken 7,777 times when I saw it—and when I asked God to grant me this knowledge I found she was speaking to “Milky 333”.

Afterwards, I noticed that Elon Musk talked about salt (with a twist of lemon)—the alchemical salt being required for the last stage in this process.

The lemon salt is the “permanent golden salt” vessel to attain the “double-Mercury”, the permanent red Mercury (vajra, rubedo).

It has all the qualities of the other alchemical elements.

That is how I know that Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby rat—but I’m not sure where she is at the moment, though it has something to do with CCX (210) or XCX (100-10+10),

And, further, there are only 600 magical weapons in Britain—600 Freemasons who control the whole show.


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