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Crazy Ivans

Updated: Oct 27, 2023


Neither man tells the truth; or, at least, they do not tell the literal truth—and we can tell this is so from the way they present themselves and their arguments.

To take the second man first, he wears a little Soviet medal—why? He’s otherwise in a business suit, and people don’t wear medals except on commemoration days. It’s because he says outlandish things, and outlandish things need support from authority—like a medal.

Who knows what he got this medal for—perhaps he cleaned more toilets than any other man in a single month at Simbirsk Machine Tractor Station No. 141. Perhaps he’s a genuine war hero. Perhaps he wrangled the medal through bureaucratic intrigue and spent all his time in the army in an office.

But he has a medal now, and he wears it—because he’s going to say some pretty crazy things but, you know, he has a medal; so he’s either brave or important, and brave and important people don’t lie (or do they?). The fact he wears the medal points to his deceit, because he wears it to convince you—if he just had the truth he wouldn’t need a talisman.

The first man lies because he makes a big deal out of “per capita”—some fancy jargon, nothing says “I speak the truth” like some fancy jargon. His actual thesis sounds ridiculous. “Let’s shrink the population to increase our per capita wealth to match Switzerland.” Firstly, why “per capita” wealth and not just “wealth”? Because it sounds more authoritative—it’s economics jargon.

A certain proportion of the population will be frightened even if you mention a simple statistical concept like “per capita”—it’s the mysticism of mathematics; because only a few people are good at it, mathematicians acquire a priestly aura around them—much like doctors today—so that everything they say must be true (although very intelligent people are wrong all the time—and can be ill-intentioned just like anyone else).

If he just said “the Jews want to kill lots of Ukrainians so there’s more money to go round”, which is basically the same idea, it wouldn’t sound half as convincing—it would sound a bit stupid, actually. Surely there are easier ways to increase the national wealth than a war to kill off the population (even if you’re milking said population)? Isn’t the population itself “the wealth of the country”? Lots of capable Ukrainians are being killed in this war—the wealth is being killed off.

What this belies is actually a socialist assumption, a crude assumption, that wealth is some fixed quantity and there’s a zero-sum game to get your “slice of the cake”—hence someone has to be bashed over the head for a “fair slice” redistribution to occur.

The idea that capable Ukrainians might increase the country’s wealth through enterprise is discounted. “Someone” has too much cake—Jews, capitalists, white people—and, in fact, we’re only killing off people who have more than their fair share (so that’s why it’s fair to kill them…).

And why Switzerland, by the way? Why not Singapore? Because Switzerland evokes images of numbered bank accounts and shady deals—of greed, in other words. So this is all part of his story telling…if he said “the per capita of Singapore” it would evoke images of hard-working Asians full of probity. But Switzerland…kind of shady.

He even has a nice rhyme and rhythm when he counts back the numbers in Russian, in my own transliteration, “shesh, voyshin, ras“. It’s how he hypnotises you or draws you in.

Anyway, “increase the per capita wealth of Ukraine” sounds really impressive. Plausible. Jargon—jargon is always plausible.


What I’d say about this video is that I don’t think it’s literally true—but I think it’s true in Dante’s second sense, in that it’s a truth contained in an analogy, the truth concealed behind a beautiful lie. In this case, the lie isn’t that beautiful—but it does compel. I think the truth it points to is that influential Jews in Ukraine and America do want their historic homeland in Ukraine back.

The idea of a “heavenly Jerusalem” or “New Jerusalem” may even be true for some Jews, it may be an esoteric cause for the conflict—and it may be actuated by Jews in America, Russia, and Ukraine (for, as I noted earlier, I think the war serves some purpose in kabbalah—it is a giant blood sacrifice by kabbalists); and, indeed, Putin is not against Israel altogether—after the Hamas raids he carefully blamed both sides, so, at the esoteric level, the conflict is actuated by Jews in Russia, America, and Ukraine.

Indeed, the numbers in the above video are significant—the program includes “777” in its intertitle Hebrew date and the first interviewee mentions “555” and “666” (as 5+5+5 and 6+6+6—itself significant, since occultists often break numbers up and add them up to produce new numbers of esoteric significance).

Anyway, what is not true is the idea that it’s “to concentrate per capita wealth in Ukraine”—I think it is put that way because the modern mind wouldn’t accept a purely religious explanation as plausible “the creation of the New Jerusalem”; so he adds it in to make it more plausible, and also just to smear the Jews as greedy, since humans reliably accuse anyone they dislike of motives that stem from greed (though vanity and, of course, demonic possession are more common motivations—at least in my estimation).


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