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Compromise (Golden One)

A while back I discussed a video aimed at young men by the Internet personality “the Golden One”. In it he offers the advice that life is like a business negotiation—that you have to compromise. It struck me the other day that he said the same thing as Peterson. Now, Peterson would disavow the Golden One, because he talks about racial issues—in those videos he talks about white boys picked on by boys of other races.

That’s all forbidden for Peterson—it makes the Golden One involved in “identity politics”. Yet their basic message is the same: life is a compromise, a negotiation, a business deal.

Now, think about the man who crashes a car into a Christmas market and shouts, “Allah akbar!”. Think about the men at the Bataclan theatre about five years ago. Are these men who think about life as “compromise” or a business negotiation?

No—and that’s why they’ll win.

They see life as a metaphysical struggle between the forces of the divine and the forces of corruption—in this struggle the highest honour, the one that promotes you straight to paradise, is to die in combat against the forces of the infidel.

There’s no competition. Men who think life is a negotiation—a business negotiation—will fold under the pressure. In the end, they’ll make any concessions for “a quiet life”—accept sharia if necessary. After all, why not? Life is a negotiation—get the best deal you can and enjoy yourself (the implication is that life is a one-shot hedonistic deal, get the most out of it you can and die).

This is why the barbarian defeats the decadent civilised man—the latter may have more wealth and technology (perhaps even a stronger army on paper), but he has become an elderly dodderer in his mind. He just wants a “quiet life” with “no loud noises and bother”—so he negotiates for peace.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a strict individualist like Peterson or a race-minded man like the Golden One, the difference is a metaphysical stance—it’s about whether, to use Dante’s formulation, you’re a “lukewarm” negotiator or whether you’ve made a firm commitment.

The ultimate issue is whether or not you think there’s more to life than matter—or, to put it in a more ordinary formulation, whether or not there is a God.


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