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Command and Conquer (ft. Jordan Peterson)

I noted in ‘Message to the Acolytes’ that there is some strange synchronicity between the video game Command and Conquer—my favourite video game—and myself.

Namely, the game’s true protagonist and nominal villain, “Kane”, seems to be the Horned God (myself); or, per the acolyte post, “the Cornish Messiah”.

In a further act of synchronicity, I found this video on an account called not “CornishMessiah”, per the last one, but “Definitely Not Kane”.

Peterson has been pasted into the game to give a rather anaemic pep talk—and, of course, Peterson has this obsession with “the sin of Cain” (in the game mythology it is hinted that the practically immortal Kane is the biblical Cain).

In the game, the world is divided, much like our world, between the Global Defence Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod—between a UN-funded “one-world government” organisation like NATO, and a mystical religious cult that seeks “ascension”.

The conflict is catalysed by a mysterious substance called “Tiberium”, which transforms and poisons the earth—it creates new technologies, but destroys the planet as it does so.

Kane thinks this substance can “ascend” mankind, his followers, and himself in particular—GDI is just happy to be on the earth restored to “normal”.

Per in the in-game mythos, Peterson is aligned with “GDI”—aka NATO, aka Judeo-Masonry, aka “one-world government”, aka the AntiChrist.

So he really is “definitely not Kane”—and hence he gives these rather phoney lie-based pep-talks (real, inspirational pep talk at the end of this article).

Despite my best attempts to save him, Peterson is damned to hell. You can tell from this screenshot from a video from about a year ago. It’s a roundtable with a load of Jews chaired by Peterson—they talk about the Old Testament (about Cain, never about Jesus).

Peterson: damned

As you can see, Peterson is about to be sucked into some sinister vortex right behind him—and that’s because he’s sold himself to the AntiChrist, though he doesn’t realise it.

In fact, the very portal to hell has opened behind him and is about to suck him into it…

As I say, I did attempt to save him—but he’s too proud for the truth.

The AntiChrist is corny, Peterson is corny and insincere—the Devil is a stupid smile.

The Devil never gives you anything real—just gold from the Jews, not pennies from heaven.

You should join the brotherhood, you should join “the Cornish Messiah”—yes, of course, it stands to reason that when you do the right thing everyone will call you “the Devil”, everyone will call you “Cain” and claim that you’re “mad”.

But the Devil is “the Lord of this earth”—so if the “official” people damn you, then you are saved.


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