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Command and Conquer

I always liked the computer game Command and Conquer—it’s my favourite game in fact, after Twitter. Actually, I haven’t bought or played a video game since around 2009, so this is in the past for me in a way—yet when I did play video games I always preferred Real-Time Strategy to a First-Person Shooter; so the games I played the most were SimCity2000 and C&C.

I’ve noted before that the C&C storyline seems to pertain to the real world in a certain way. The game’s conceit is that a novel substance, Tiberium, lands on earth in a comet impact near the river Tiber (hence the name). Tiberium transforms technology but it also poisons the planet. The new Tiberium economy gives rise to two power blocs: the Global Defence Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod—the former roughly synonymous with NATO (funded by the UN in the game) and the latter a stand-in for the sundry terror groups that dominated the 1990s.

The basic dynamic is Enlightenment West versus fanatical mystical religious group—the twist being that Nod makes novel use of Tiberium technology while GDI is conservative in this regard; indeed, they see Tiberium as a means to enhance human evolution to “the next level”.

Earlier, I noted that Nod seems to represent the Indo-Aryan awakening, the “way of iron”—tech-gnosis, as explicated by Nick Land. You understand the basic theme, with Margaret Thatcher and Adolf Hitler on a continuum, whereby the wisdom of nature and scientific advance go hand in hand—the cull is both a divine judgement and a means to advance material evolution, the Conservative Party’s old torch logo represented Promethean fire. We become as gods through technology, yet technology is only created by interaction with nature’s divine wisdom (shades of Isaac Newton as both founder of modern science and practical occultist).

Nod is led by Kane (as depicted above). Kane is taken to be the biblical Cain (as banished to the Land of Nod—hence his organisation’s name). Kane is a long-lived creature who claims to have guided human evolution over the aeons (from when we were just in mud huts to today). He’s a Promethean figure and, actually, he’s the game’s real protagonist (he’s the only recurrent character throughout a series that now spans multiple games). As is common in all these RTS games you get to choose your side at the start and the cut scenes provide a different ending depending on who you play—so at the beginning you always get choose whether you for the “path of milk” (GDI) or the “path of iron” (Nod).

Kane’s goal is to reach “ascension” (which he achieves, if you play the Nod side, in 2077) and also, early in the series, to “divinise” the earth through Tiberium. Rather as with a Buddhist monk or Aleister Crowley (the “ascended masters”), Kane has a shaved head—and, indeed, perhaps he is like an Egyptian priest, for Kane headquarters his shadowy organisation in pyramids (which, as discussed, are in actuality devices to divinise the pharaohs). The biblical Cain was often taken to have founded the cities and iron-working; so he is also a Promethean figure—and there’s a notion that he’s working out his salvation via the antinomian left-hand path, through technology and self-divinisation (gnosis). He doesn’t wait for a priest or a church—and, as Kane himself says, faith is proved by deeds not words (so build your pyramid).

I think that my initial assessment was mostly correct. The game exists to demonise the Indo-Aryan warrior path—to demonise gnosis, to demonise the black-clad mystics (“Hitler! Hitler!” a voice gently intones—yes, but also bin Laden or anyone who takes religion seriously). Kane’s opponents, the soppy GDI, are the nominal good guys but really represent “evil’—they are the Satanic lie that prevents all development, whether technological or spiritual (just like NATO and America today).

The caveat I’d apply now would be that these ideas about ascension and divination are real but cannot be achieved through technology. The game itself exists to inculcate negative views as regards the Thatcher-Hitler axis—the dreaded social Darwinism and eugenics (as feared by Atwood in Handmaid’s Tale). This is basically the main way the right manifests today, it’s what terrifies the progressive establishment (“GDI”)—it’s what youngsters need to be inculcated, through vidya, to fight against.

I think that’s a degeneration—per Guénon, ascension and gnosis are not material operations but in modernity a game like C&C can only understand that they are so; it can only conceptualise mysticism as facilitated by an “alien substance” from beyond and technology—it’s just too much for the modern mind, particularly the progressive mind, to think that “it’s real” (even in their nominally “fundamentalist” opponents—it always has to be debunked, as with a Victorian sceptic, so it turns out it’s not a “spirit in the caves” that eats people but just a sulphurous gas that vents from the earth).

Since even “the Brotherhood of Nod” is too residually religious it is cloaked in the garb of “evil” religion, the Cain legend, much in the way that contemporary progressives will invoke Christ’s love to support mass immigration (though functional atheists, progressives secretly conceptualise themselves as “the true Christians”—people who elaborate an older Christianity or religious viewpoint become “the Devil”). The real message of Jesus was “like, whatever, you do you” and anyone who suggests there were some limits or invokes “woo-woo” mysticism becomes “Cain” or “Satan”.

However, there is another angle to this story. The old legends say there were the races of giants and then there were the Hebrews. Kane is from the race of giants, the Nephilim—the Indo-Aryans, Prometheus. The in-game cut scenes even show him, as a long-lived spirit, in ancient Egypt driving Hebrew slaves beneath a Hebraic inscription. Kane also likes pyramids.

It is said Moses learned his magic from the ancient Egyptians and their star religion—present, in a tamped down form, in Christianity (the faithful become stars in the heavens, pharaoh became a star). Indeed, per the above clip, Kane seems to wield some star-power, some activated siddhi in Buddhist terms, in order to open the gate to the stars that will facilitate his ascension (the object he holds is called “the Tacitus” in the games—surely a reference to the old Roman historian, and itself studded with constellations; it’s a zodiacal force—just as the Magi studied the zodiac to activate the star they followed to find the baby Jesus).

It could be that when the Roman Empire collapsed in decadence the people of the Nephilim took up a novel religion, filtered through the Hebraic slave people, that was a degraded version of their own religion adopted by a slave caste (think about how novel religions have been “cool” since the mid-19th century in the West and particularly since the 1960s—think about how people take up bowdlerised Buddhism and so on and you have a good picture as to the environment where Christianity grew). In this religion, the giants are naturally “evil” slave-drivers—as depicted in Hollywood films down to this day, e.g. Stargate (1994); what a suggestive title (Kane himself seeks to construct a Stargate—Nod’s logo is the Isis-associated scorpion).

Understandably, ancient Egypt tends to get a bad rap in Hollywood because Hollywood is run by people who are descended from Egyptian slaves. You get the picture—everything’s upside down, when Vico said that in the past there were “giants” and “normal people” (aka the Hebrews) he said that because to defend Christianity he had to say all other religions were false and all other people had false histories other than the Hebrews. Yes—but who is “normal” here, chum, when everyone is a giant except you? Are you not the abnormal one?

What if Christianity is based on techniques learned in Egypt that were absorbed at a bastardised and lower level and then re-imported into the Roman Empire in its decadent phase as a novelty? What if “the giants” only appeared bad to slaves, but were really the heroes of old? If religion is about techniques and not a “true belief” then you can derive many paths to the same destination—unless you happen to, as the classical liberals would say, want to run a monopoly with no competition allowed to protect your cartel. Are we in fact living in a Lilliputian world constrained by the vision of slaves—a vision in which “Kane”, with his temples and gnosis, constitutes “absolute evil” (even when when he and his progeny seem to be responsible for almost every useful and productive thing on the planet?).


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Why write this as a question as if there were any doubt about it?


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A RTS chad. Play any Starcraft too?

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