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Comet Encke (2027)

For some reason, the other day I felt inspired to search for “comet impact 2027” in the Gematria (or should that be “a Gematria”?). Anyway, it returned the result below—a result that seems significant, especially the “999” (the active number of the kundalini awakening) and the other matched numbers in the English Gematria (708) between “Great Reset” and “Overnight”. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I often use Gematria—“Great Reset overnight” sounds like a comet strike.

As it happens, 2027 is the earliest point that we might encounter the debris field from Comet Encke. This debris field has been responsible for impacts in the past—the risk runs until 2030. Graham Hancock, long-term speculator into alternative history and comet impacts (also sometime amiable stoner), has suggested 2030 as a date for an impact from debris associated with Comet Encke.

Hancock holds that this debris has been responsible for the destruction of civilisations in the past—and, though he never says, hints that it did in Atlantis. Strangely enough, the symbols associated with Encke, as found in ancient China, correspond to the symbol for my favourite star “Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations”—the symbols are also associated with the swastika, for Encke resembles a swastika as it turns in the sky.

“Alkaid and Encke”

Hancock links the return of the “destroyer comet” to Plato’s “great year”—12,000 years. It’s the changes of the zodiac (the 12 symbols, each symbol lasting 2,000 years). We have just entered the Age of Aquarius—the age of dissolution. Could it be that the debris trail of Comet Encke will “reset” us? Will it be “the Great Reset”—the real great reset?

It fits with the Aquarian Age, the time when all will be washed away—it fits with the predictions of Mother Shipton for the early 21st century, the time when “babes will no more be born” and destruction will grip the land (until “visitors from the stars” return—the gods, the UFOs, the vimanas).

Obviously, this is all very speculative—perhaps flimsy, even. Yet Elon Musk is worried about a comet impact—more worried about that than climate change, hence his desire to get off-world as quickly as possible. Perhaps he only has until 2027 to do it? Tick-tock, Elon.

The impact would not end all life on earth, in all probability—but the debris around Encke is judged to be “civilisation-ending”. It could be, per REM, “the end of the world as we know it”.

Naturally, I feel fine—but there’s no doubt civilisation as configured has many “Atlantean” features, it’s filled with techno hubris and profane activities of all sorts. It could do with a reset.

Further, I have speculated in the past that 2025 might be the start of the end of the kali-yuga—a period of 250-300 years of destruction before the Golden Age begins again. I picked that date based on Strauss and Howe’s generational theory and astrological predictions and on the length empires last (about 250 years)—America being about 250 years old by then, and ripe, to judge from current conditions, for a civil war.

Could these events constitute, along with Covid-19, the “wars, plagues, and disasters” foretold by Mother Shipton before “the men from the sky” return to teach the ways of light to men?

It’s possible. I don’t feel very confident in these speculations, but it may well turn out that climate change and immigration were the least of our problems—when the comet hits…


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