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Cobra Commander

Updated: Mar 15

Cobra Commander from GI Joe is the “Hooded Man”—the “Son of Herne” or the “Son of Woden”.

He is Robin Hood—he is the god of light and dark, for Robin Hood means “Fame-Bright Hood” (hood means “darkness”—so he is the god of dark and light).

He is Herne the Hunter with his wild hunt—his “merry band of men”.

He is the Horned God.

He is also the Horned God Cernunnos—and, remember, Cernunnos is always depicted with a snake in his left hand.

He is the god of the tantric rite of the fire-snake (Ingwe).

Ingwe—the fire-serpent that moves within Woden.

Blood, fire—and Ingland.

Blood, fire—the serpent.

The sig-rune, the double flash of the SS—the serpent.

I pointed out that the Cobra organisation is located in Shambhala or Agatha—the underground mythical kingdom in Tibet.

I pointed out that GI Joe propagated leftist themes, though it looked macho and “fascistic”.

I pointed out that its creators were Jewish.

And a Jewish man exploded in the comments and became very angry with me.

The inner earth exists—because when I was at Hartsfell last and I called out there was a knocking in the ground that answered me.

It is not in the physical earth—it is in another dimension that this reality over-layers.

The AntiChrist makes shows like GI Joe to hypnotise you from the truth.


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