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Christians (unwell)

Opinion polls show that Christian students are now more tolerant, as regards free speech issues, than agnostics, atheists, or Jews. I take that with some caution—it’s true that Christians are de facto persecuted in the West, and I don’t condone that (not least because I hate indirect manipulative methods). However, this situation also recalls what Nietzsche said about how even the strongest and most unpleasant man becomes “nice” when he is sick—hence “niceness” is itself, at least in some forms, a sickness.

So, yes, the Christians, across all denominations, are more tolerant about what can be said today than in the past—and yet that is because they are weak and so have become tolerant (nice). I have no doubt that if they regained their strength, from whatever denomination it was, that they would clamp down on other voices in a relentless way—and that would include Protestants against Catholics, or Mormons against Protestants, or whatever variation you want (always with the insistence that “we” are the true Christians).

I don’t think that’s likely—it’s the Aquarian Age, the power of Christianity is ebbing, just like the power of the pagans ebbed as we left the Age of Aries. However, I always keep it in mind when I read polls like that—because I don’t think the Christians would spare me anymore than the progressives would, though they might make pleasant noises while we are jointly in the sin bin.

The reality is that there is no such thing as “free speech” in a neutral sense, there is always a “speech regime”—at one time we lived in one inflected through cultural Christian values, today we have one inflected through progressive values.

Yet the progressives are as much a religion as the Christians, and are, in fact, related to the Christians—represent a secular schism from the Christians. This is why the Christians today are persecuted in a deniable way, they are persecuted in a “Christian” way.

Christians, like the Jews and women, are anti-fragile and benefit from a good beating (to be covered in tar and set fire to, per Nero). That will never happen to Christians today, much as they want it, because their persecutors are ultra-feminine Christians (secular branch). They will get all their punches in through deniable action.

As Christians often say, to show their superiority, they convert by persuasion, not force (whisper in the ears of kings so everyone follows the monarch’s lead when they convert). Progressives are just the same—the only people being martyred as the Christians wish are Extinction Rebellion, beaten by motorists on the road like a Christian beaten by a Centurion, and, in the same way, ER benefits from our sympathy when we see them dragged about, just like Christians used to.

Basically, I don’t accept the entire frame—which is all based on Semitic fanaticism and not reality.


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