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Christians (II)

Christians will always tell you that “the Church is in peril, we’re persecuted everywhere—never has the faith been in more need”.

Yet they control thousands of schools, media outlets, publishing houses, universities, politicians, princes and kings, and billions of pounds of investments—and are invited to major public events to bless ships and buildings.

Who else operates this way?

The Jews.

The Jews always say they’re about to be wiped out, massacred, and destroyed—that they hang by a thread.

Even as they enjoy a regnant position in Western societies.

So it’s a trick—just like those adverts you see on YouTube “little Sajah needs your help now—an urgent appeal for this winter”.

It’s always an “urgent appeal”.

Christians also think like Marxists.

If you criticise the Party, you’re guilty of “bourgeois individualism” and “false consciousness”.

If you criticise the Church, you’re guilty of “sinfulness” and “prideful rebellion”.

Because Christianity is Marxism v1.0


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