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When I was an atheist, I was well disposed to Christians—I never mocked the church, I went to church on major holidays, and I was respectful towards them.

I just didn’t believe, I wasn’t a militant—I thought they did good but what they believed in wasn’t real.

Since I have come to understand that religion is real I have come to detest Christians—they serve the AntiChrist.

People think that I am a great sexual adventurer, but I have only slept with 6 women in my life—and I would have only slept with one and married her, if a Christian, a pillar of his church, hadn’t slept with her repeatedly and then mocked me for it.

She was my first girlfriend.

I didn’t marry her because I didn’t have enough money—by the time I had enough money the Christian had had sex with her.

I would only marry and stay with one woman—yet a Christian stopped me.

In the same way, I often talk about parties—but I have never gone to many parties, I am not a party animal.

When I describe parties, it is only a handful of parties I ever went to.

It all depends on perspective, you see—and what you assume.

At my very Christian school I was raped, and that is what Christianity approves.

I sat with a Catholic priest, as I have described many times, and he recounted how a Church of England priest beat boys at his summer camp and was arrested for it—and I could tell he enjoyed it, because he derived sexual satisfaction from it.

Because the Catholic Church has been based on child rape and homosexuality from the very start—they have been caught at it time and again down the centuries, the more so when they couldn’t shut people up with torture or their state power.

And the Church of England is the same.

I noticed a Church of England vicar mocked me because I was cuckolded by a Christian—because he approves, because they approve of their congregation fucking each other’s wives.

Because they are AntiChrist.

This man was fat—so a glutton, so a hypocrite.

And he was proud that he carried a cross on his shoulder at Easter—photographed himself with it, out of pride (because he thinks he is superior to me, because I hit and choked my girlfriend once—which left a bruise like the cross).

Because he wanted to torment me—because that is what Christians believe in.

Lost in his pride—yet the hypocrite sits in judgement.

You turn into what you worship—they worship Christ crucified and tortured on the cross, so they torture and misuse people because it makes them more like Jesus.

This man also belonged to the Knights of Malta or some Satanic organisation, anyway.

It is the same as the Christian doctor who mocked me because I wanted to commit suicide—perhaps it was the experience of being raped by Christians, perhaps it was when a Christian slept with my girlfriend and, in fact, came to my home as my guest and had dinner with me while he did it.

Perhaps these facts explain my suicidal thoughts—to some extent.

The Churches are controlled by the AntiChrist—leave the Churches.

They are the hypocrites.

I am many things, but I am not a hypocrite.

They think belief will save them—but belief is useless, belief is joyless death.

I still do not believe in God.

What saved me was to be honest and truthful—that made the difference, not a “belief” in God.

To seek the truth—not to be a liar and a hypocrite.

Which is what the Christians are—especially the ones who hate the blacks and homosexuals and pretend to be for the God of love.

Jesus came for the Jews—not the Europeans.

When you eat his body and drink his blood you take the sins of the Jews upon you.

Christians do not know—they only hope, whereas I know.

I have seen truth.

They recommend lies—as Augustine and the rest commanded.

I am for truth.


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