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Christianity = AntiChrist

Updated: Jan 7


How did it happen? The reason is that Christianity has no initiation—it eliminated all its initiatory elements, namely the Templars and the Cathars. The result is that no Christians have a direct knowledge of the divine—they just have dogmatic beliefs and morals.

All other religions, major religions, have initiation—what is referred to as “esotericism” by some. The Muslims have Sufism and the Jews have kabbalah. Hinduism and Buddhism have no esoteric component because these religions are initiatic by definition—these are practices, not dogmatic beliefs as retailed by exoteric Islam and Christianity. If you practice them you come to direct knowledge of the divine—hence to speak of “esoteric Buddhism” is an oxymoron.

Aside from Meister Eckhart, whom Rosenberg correctly admired and who is the only Christian I like (apart from Rasputin, whom I like even more), Christianity is without any true mysticism or initiation.

It also destroyed autochthonic gnosis—for example, the English bishops forbid men to put on horns and dance around like a stag. If you do that in a field at night, as I have done, lights will manifest in the hedgerows—the genius loci of the place.

Christianity proscribes direct knowledge of the divine and so is left with arid rationalism which, in the end, becomes atheism—because almost all rational arguments for God have been refuted.

I made a mistake, actually—a time ago I said that both Christianity and Islam are intolerant and fanatical, but really Islam is less fanatical than Christianity. It’s more tolerant—that’s a fact, Muslims will tolerate “people of the book” (Zarathustrians, Christians, Jews, and some star-worshippers), if they pay a tax. Christians tolerate no one—they are the true absolute fanatics (although they will tolerate the Jews, as it happens—and don’t even have formal disabilities, like a tax, for them).

Christian fanaticism and intolerance eventually destroys all contact with the divine, because they regard all other religions as Satanic forces that must be suppressed—hence the reason the West is the most atheistic place in the world today, every means by which people can have contact with the divine has been destroyed by Christianity. Catholicism retained vestiges of initiation, symbols and rites stolen from the pagans, but Protestantism eventually dispensed with even these as “popish magic—bells and smells and superstition”.

I often tell the story from RD Laing where a doctor makes an exception and tells a patient he will die from a terminal illness—he tells a priest because he assumes the priest will be able to handle it, since he knows there’s an afterlife. But the priest takes it “really badly”—and that’s because Christian priests don’t know at all, they just really hope. All they have is dogmatic faith—which often amounts to lies.

Christianity destroys the means by which we come to know the divine—hence it is an AntiChrist religion.

The result from all this was that the West’s only initiatory organisation is the Freemasons—who are controlled by the Jews and have inverted the old rites of initiation for Satanic purposes. Christians salted the earth, then the Freemasons provided the direct inversion.

Guénon tried to use elements from the Freemasons to inject initiation back into Christianity through Catholicism—which has more residual initiatory elements than Protestantism (for the reasons discussed above). However, he realised it was hopeless and became a Sufi instead—he understood, like Evola, that the West itself, as constituted, is the AntiChrist.


What the Freemasons have is what is called “the counter-initiation”—an inverted initiation that includes an attempt to induce gnosis in the population at large, not an elite, so leading to mass Satanism. The Christian resistance to this tendency insofar as it exists just says “all initiation is from the Devil”, “all gnosis is from the Devil”—and that’s what men like Alex Jones mean when they talk about “demonic elites”, it’s in books like Behold a Pale Horse and Epperson’s The New World Order.

In a more respectable and “sane” form you hear the same from men like the Catholic academic Voegelin, who attributed the rise of National Socialism and Communism to “Gnosticism”—the answer being a return to the Catholic Church, circa 1120 (i.e. suppress all initiation). However, the problem is really perverted gnosis—not gnosis in and of itself. Marxism is based on kabbalah and NS was ultimately conjured by Hegel (who used kabbalah to develop his philosophy—Marxism just inverts it, plus spices it up with whatever Jewish magic Marx knew himself).

So on one hand you have Voegelin who despises all gnosis as Satanism (“it is taboo to know”), and then you have rationalists like Popper who would say Hegelianism is “mystic mumbo-jumbo”—because he doesn’t understand magic is real.

The situation actually exists because Christianity extirpated all gnosis in the first place—and so it was left to the Freemasons or freelance magicians with dubious motives (Marx, Hegel, Crowley). The reason why people like Russian Orthodoxy is because it is closer to the East, to Buddhism and Hinduism, and so it still has some gnosis in it (called theosis). Rasputin was quasi-Buddhistic in his powers and behaviour, shamanic—he had real powers, direct contact with the divine. He didn’t just have belief, he knew (that’s why British intelligence and the Freemasons murdered him—to destroy the Tsar, since Rasputin provided him with spiritual protection).


Christianity itself, as Nietzsche worked out in intellectual terms and the Muslims worked out through intuition, was always a corruption of Christ’s message by the Jews, the message of Jesus being just for them. It was corrupted by St. Paul, a Pharisee, an enemy of Jesus, who may well have been “blinded by the light” but may not have really been turned by it—only pretended he was, so as to corrupt the message of Christ.

Hence Christianity has been a vehicle for the AntiChrist from the start—it’s a force for inversion; its Mass, for example, is an inversion of the Mithraic rites (inversion = Satanism). As with Freemasonry, it’s a vehicle which the Jews invented to rule the world—extinguish all other races, especially the Europeans.

So Christianity was Satanic from the start—and has only grown more so over the years. America is the seat of the AntiChrist because it was founded at first by ultra-Puritans, Calvinists, who basically had destroyed every residual aspect of initiation in Christianity through their anti-Catholicism.

It was said during the English Civil War by Hobbes that the Roundhead beliefs came from the Netherlands—this was because the Puritans, during the reign of James I, went off to the Netherlands to practice their religion; and from there some went to the New World, with the king’s blessing, to found Plymouth—and some returned to England before and during the Civil War to incite the Parliamentary side to rebellion.

Christians are basically atheists because they deny the gods and have no initiation—but Puritans are ultra-atheists; and, eventually, their beliefs morphed into contemporary progressivism and secularism (like Margaret Atwood—who, as discussed in recent articles, regards herself as a true Christian, if you read her work with attention).

America was founded by Puritans and then the current state was established by actual Satanists—the Freemasons. So much of what I have said accords with what neoreaction said about “Puritans” but neoreaction is secular—they missed out the Freemasons, because that insight is other-worldly. However, the Puritans set the stage for the Freemasons to dominate, because they cleared out any residual Catholicism from the country—along with the last vestiges of initiation.

This is why America is this soulless mechanical society only devoted to making money—it is the reverse of Christ’s message (a call to return to nature, reject narrow legalism, and to attain knowledge of the heart). It is, instead, hateful towards nature—Christians, like the Jews, specifically hate nature—and based only on hypocritical laws, not the sacred heart. This is because “knowledge of heart”, such as Christ had, goes right back to ancient Egypt and beyond (and is also found in India, being Aryan in origin)—it is to do with initiation into the mysteries, now destroyed (by Christians).

The whole country was founded on hypocrisy—a land where “all men were created equal” but you always whipped niggers for dollars. It is this hypocrisy that will finally destroy it—white Americans deserve to be harried by black Americans, because their state is built on hypocrisy. It is justice—divine justice.

The way Christianity destroyed all initiation cut people off from the higher states of being—and the practical European mindset that could have led to exploration of the internal states was instead devoted to the exploration of mechanical and technological society, a situation that has totally debased our world (with people using drugs to go to the other realm in a profane way because it’s technological and, therefore, “good”).

We’ve created rigid machine-men with much practical knowledge to exploit the earth but no wisdom and no heart.

Islam is the correction—it is the final revelation, which includes Jesus, that has come to destroy the corruption that is Christianity and Freemasonry. The Jews themselves prophesied the Europeans would rule the world for 1,000 years before they were replaced and reverted to paganism—when they finally shrug off Christianity and Freemasonry, two enchantments created by the Jews.

This accords with the way Islam will finally push down the West—which is AntiChrist, the system of the AntiChrist.


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