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Christianity and sex

I forgot just how much Christianity is about sex—it’s all about sex, it’s the religion of sex; or, to be precise, the religion of sex negation. Christians are obsessed with sex, with its repression—which itself creates a certain pleasure.

Christian psychology makes sex the root of everything—so Christians even say that wrath is the result of lust, though “lust” not understood in its sexual sense (i.e. they do not claim that every time someone is angry it relates to sex).

The reason to use “lust” in this way is to underline that everything bad in the world is the result of sex, in the final analysis—it’s not original sin per se, but it is, you might say, intimately bound up with it.

So Christians even talk about emotions and actions that they admit are absolutely non-sexual in a sexual register—that is how obsessed this religion is with sex.

And it’s important to grasp that fact, because quite a lot of contemporary Western society is a conscious reaction against that by various political and quasi-religious forces—so that it is common to inveigh against “Puritanism” and “prudery”, even now (although our societies are not very Puritanical or prudish).

What other worldview is Christianity like with regards to sex? Freudianism. And why would that be? Because they’re both based off the Jewish psychology, and the Jewish psychology is sex-obsessed.

When there’s a law against something, you know that in that society there’s a problem with that thing—if you arrive in a country and there’s a specific law against harm to dogs in a particular way, you know this is a country that has a problem with harm to dogs; it’s some routine thing that crops up in that society, so much so the state has to suppress it.

It has been observed that the Jews are often involved, behind the scenes, in pornography—and that’s why I picked the image above to illustrate this article. It’s actually by a Jewish comic book artist, but the pin-up girl caught in flagrante (we’ve all been there, surely?) is accompanied by a seedy Jewish pornographer throughout the story—so there’s a kind of self-awareness or self-parody in the comic artist’s production here, in that he is also a “dirty Jew” who produces what is not pornography but contains pornographic elements.

So why does Christianity, formed mostly by Jews in its early years, have an obsession with sexual regulation? Because Jews need tight laws to constrain their sexuality, otherwise they go wild. The laws exist because there’s a problem with “that thing” (dogs, sex) in that society—that’s the thing that needs to be controlled.

And that was carried straight over into Christianity, just as Freud’s obsession with sex was carried straight over into his psychology—which Jung, being Aryan and quasi-pagan, tried to take out, tried to make it not all about sex.

This isn’t to pick on the Jews, because it’s a Semitic trait in general. Read the works of the Arabs, the cousins to the Jews—The Arabians Nights is more than Rabelasian, it’s orgy-intense (triple-XXX). In The Koran, notoriously, each man gets two plump-breasted Houris to serve him for eternity as perpetual virgins; and, per certain hadiths, there is sex in paradise—unlike the Christian heaven.

The Semites are highly sexed—and that comes out in their religions, either in a permissive and indulgent way in Islam; or in a constrained and punitive way in Judaism.

The ironic situation is that Christianity was taken up by Europeans, latterly Northern Europeans, and Northern Europeans just aren’t that highly sexed naturally.

Let’s not be ridiculous, I don’t claim they’re indifferent, but it’s to do with the climate—everything Nordic is naturally austere, disciplined by the cold. As the jurist Blackstone observed, marriage in England is limited to one woman per man, unlike in Mohammedan countries, largely on account of the climate—which refers to the fact that it is hard to support large families in the cold northern wastes.

So, paradoxically, Northern Europeans ended up with a religion that seeks maximum sex regulation, maximum attack on any sexual instinct, when they are probably the people least naturally disposed to sexual excess in the world.

Now, of course, this is all relative—it’s not my position that Northern Europeans are naturally chaste, continent, and indifferent to sex and that there’s no such thing as concupiscence or sexual libertinage among them, especially under conditions of decadence.

It’s just my contention that in relative terms a Nordic religion would not have to be as obsessed with sex, especially in the punitive way found in Christianity—which also contains within it a particularly Jewish trait that is both obsessed with sex and repulsed by it at the same time, which also relates to the psychological state found in men like St. Augustine who clearly indulged in a lot of sex but then derived an unwholesome pleasure in the view it was “filthy”, wallowed in the “dirty-pleasure”.


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