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Christianity and race

Updated: Feb 19

You can’t be for your race or your nation and be a Christian—you can’t be what is commonly called “a racist” and be a Christian, though there is no such sin as “racism”.

The reason is threefold:

[i] the Church fathers clearly state that the rewards of heaven are for the righteous drawn from all nations, the true-believers drawn from all nations—hence you are obliged, as a Christian, to consider a man primarily as an individual in regard to his attitude towards Christianity and not with regard to any other characteristic;

[ii] we are all sons of Adam, we are all “made from the same lump”—we have a common father, in the end we are all one;

[iii] the Christian republic is defined as a group of men joined together by a common idea of justice—this is based on the old Roman idea of a republic, with the modification that the idea of justice that is served is not “to give each man his due” but rather “the one true God”; hence the basis for the Christian republic cannot be racial—it is an idea of justice, an idea that applies to all sons of Adam.

Hence if a person thinks his nation is superior or his race is superior—or that the West is superior—he is not a Christian. He has deviated from the tenets of Christianity—which are about righteous individual believers and a justice based on an idea of God’s love for the world.

If you think your republic will fall because your race, the blood that founded the republic, has been adulterated or overwhelmed then you are not a Christian. There was one chosen nation in history—the Jews; and they have now ceded that privilege to the universal and global nation of the Christians, men who believe in Christ Jesus (Our One True Saviour).

So if you see people online who propagate racial beliefs in a Christian register—or even nationalistic beliefs—then they aren’t Christians, they’re just using it for their own ends. The political implications of Christianity are individualistic and, ultimately, unworldly—for who cares what happens to the prideful republics of men, as compared to the true peace and serenity of God’s kingdom?

(Of course, as a Luciferian, as a truthful person, I must say that republics flourish due to the quantum of virile blood in them—namely, Nordic blood; and also insofar as they retain an immediate wisdom connected to the natural world. But, then again, I am no Christian *).


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