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Christ is Ing

If you really want the Jews to accept Jesus you should open your hearts to them, like Jesus opened his heart to them.

People want them to say “Christ is King!” to bully them—but you can no more make people accept Jesus than you can make them love you.

If you try to force someone to say something, then they will immediately resist you, because you tried to force them—not because of what you say, you could have said anything, it’s just the principle.

People talk about saying “Christ is King” out of vanity—and to form a prideful bully squad.

Everyone knows that’s the truth really.

People who say it, don’t know it—they just want to look good and pious.

Even if you force someone to say it, you’ll have coerced them through emotional manipulation—which Christians love, they love to get inside your psyche and tie you in knots so they have power over you.

Which Jesus didn’t do.

If you’re going to coerce people, at least be straightforward—point a gun at their head and say “say it!”.

Don’t play games with them.

The term is old—but it roared into popularity in the 1920s, thanks to the Vatican.

The Vatican is Satanic, the Catholic Church is AntiChrist—so this is a term, in its modern iteration, that comes from the AntiChrist.

Here is a factual statement: INRI—Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Jesus is King of the Jews—not us, let them accept him.

Anyway, what does it mean to open your heart?

It doesn’t mean to be emotional, it means to void it—then see with it.


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