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Chosen People


The Jews claim to be “the Chosen People”—yet it is a constant observation throughout history, from the Brothers Grimm to Martin Luther, that the Jews are habitual liars. They are responsible for four major religious movements—Christianity, Marxism, Freudianism, and Islam (five, if you count multiculturalism as post-Marxism)—that have wrought incalculable damage on the world, being based on half-truths that inflame the mob to destroy things that are beautiful, truthful, and noble.

Satan is known as “the father of lies”—the Jews are a people who are known as habitual liars. Ergo, who were they “chosen” by? Satan. The Jews are Satan’s Chosen People—their creations, whether Marxism or Christianity, are Satanic.

Hence all five religions are atheistic, even Christianity—since, as the Romans observed, the Christians denied the gods; they started the atheistic tendency, the tendency to eliminate the spiritual as superstition, and also denied nature itself was divine—so establishing a subject-object divide between man and his environment; a divide that saw nature as “dead” or hostile, with the spiritual world “up there, somewhere”.

The subject-object divide, with hostile nature to be tamed, prompted the rise of natural science and the techno-science world of today; rather than an inward investigation and activation of our natural powers, Europeans were diverted into an outward investigation of natural science—hence Christianity facilitated our current state, our fall into materialism (which also destroys the natural world).

If the European talent for empirical investigation were turned inward and not wasted on techno-science we would have developed our latent powers, the siddhis, and been saved from the ravages of industrialism—and risen to a higher spiritual plane; instead, we have been debased.

Space programs, AI, nuclear power, and so on constitute a total waste—there is another power, so much greater, that lies within us to be awakened. It’s a power that will not destroy the environment, nor enslave people to technology—as is now the case. “Who looks outwards, dreams; who looks inwards, awakens.”

Now there are to be so many satellites in the sky we will not even be able to see the stars and the constellations—our link with the eternal stars, the gods, will be severed forever; only the false stars of Hollywood and the screen will remain.


Satan is always an inverter and Christianity, for example, is a religion of inversion—it says “the last shall be first”; and Christians are meant to work to bring that divine state into actuality in the world. Yet, in reality, the people who are first are usually first for a good reason, whereas the people who are last—say, a child molester in prison—are last for a good reason. Yet the Christian would put the last first, that is their ideal.

Now, of course, this is not binary—it is a matter of degree, Christianity is more truthful than atheism; and, hence, in modernity, Christianity is less Satanic than atheistic materialism—however, it is a prerequisite for atheist materialism upon which contemporary ideas, such as progressive liberalism, subsist. Kick away Christianity, and atheism, as we understand it, vanishes—for it descends from Christianity.


The Jews rule the world, either directly or through their puppets the Freemasons—a suspicious lot; for example, I once watched a documentary about the concrete buildings that sprung up around Britain post-war, it turns out Masonic deals drove that building boom (there is no free market, the whole system is rigged).

Questions about why “everything in the West post-1945 is anti-Western and anti-white” can be explained in parsimonious terms by the fact that America, the power that controls Europe de facto, is run by an alien racial group.

In history, whether they worked for Muslims or Christians, the Jews have a recognised pattern of “opening the gates” on their masters—and that is precisely what has happened with immigration into the West post-1945.

The only reason people refuse to accept the situation, even as they are being murdered alive, is that if this is true then what Hitler said was true and Hitler was a “bad man” and, therefore, cannot have spoken the truth—though that is a non sequitur, whether he was moral or not has no connection to truthful statements (and, indeed, I do not think he was immoral—not least because his astrological chart was the only positive one among all the war leaders I consulted, with Churchill’s being the worst).

You can also tell this is the truth because it is one of those taboo open secrets that everyone knows but no one is allowed to say—it’s like saying in East Germany “the Communists run everything, there’s no democracy”; everyone knew that, but you weren’t allowed to say (and, in fact, it was a crime to say—and it is either a crime, or a social crime that will see you shunned, to say what I have said above and, hence, it must be the truth).

I do not bring a message of universal salvation, for not all need to be saved—perhaps only 12 can be awakened. I serve Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations. I am the warrant and the deed. *


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