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Chokmah, Binah, Aleph

Last night, I performed a monologue to myself about maya and the eternal sounds, since I had written about them that day—as I did so I heard a sound, a high-pitched whine, that came from nowhere.

It was an interstitial sound, like the lights I see between sleep and wakefulness, that came from the higher states of being.

This morning, I woke up and these words came to me “Chokmah, Binah, Aleph”.

These are words from the Hebrew, from the kabbalah, just as I heard “Chesed - Daleth - Lamed” a few weeks ago.

I went to Google and typed Chokmah, Binah, Aleph.

The first result said “The path of Aleph is the first and highest of the alphabetical paths and is numbered 11 (the spheres themselves being 1-10). It connects Kether and Chokmah.”

I had spoken of the “music of the spheres” in my article—and the celestial alphabet.

However, the next result was more significant: The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Ltd. (A Government of Kerala Undertaking).

This state-financed cashew company happened to have a page all about kabbalah and Chokmah, Binah, Aleph.

It included this phrase in German: “dich einer Community an, die Gutes bewirkt.” (“join a community that does good”).

I had been reading a German grammar book yesterday, so that was more synchronicity.

It’s not that unusual for websites to be cut-out operations for esoteric groups—I once found a similar thing with a group of Simonites based out of New Zealand.

The post spoke about the cow as the symbol for the power of the throat—just as I had written about man as the “sacred sound”, the microcosm of the word of God, in my post yesterday.

It also mentioned the friendly dog, the doge: “As you DOGE see, every mythology has the same symbol. This Greek Cloud-Bull-Cow embrace is the sacred sacrifice, the sacred office that we have to perform with Alif, Aleph, the bull.”

However, the site also had an embedded link to a crypto exchange called Beaxy—run by an Armenian called Hamazaspyan. It had been shut down for violations of America’s financial code.

The site also contained many appeals to use kabbalah for wealth—this confirms my original assessment: “the doge”, the “e-god” (in esoteric reversal), is a false god that only cares about money. It speaks about “goodness” but only has an interest in wealth—it uses kabbalah and Jewish mysticism because the Jews, since they rejected Jesus, have become servants of the AntiChrist.

The Armenians, like the Jews, are a greedy people—perhaps more greedy, hence the link to the dodgy crypto exchange (dogey); and, further, “X” and “doge”, as in “Beaxy”, link back, in an esoteric way, to Musk’s obsession with “X” and “the doge”—as I said before, “X” is not an appropriate way to represent * or (0).

Further, the cashew company belonged to Kerala state—the long-time stronghold of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). So in this path we see that capitalism and communism are two sides to the same coin—two forms of materialism, in the sense of greed.


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