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If you propagate the view that European people are at existential risk, that white people, in the biological sense, are at risk, then you better have children yourself or you are a hypocrite.

You can’t complain about low birthrates if you don’t have children yourself, because if you don’t then it doesn’t really bother you.

I don’t have children because, as I have said, I know that material life is not the end and I think that the racial archetypes exist in another dimension—just like individuals do.

So it’s not “existential” for me—and, besides, as I often say, “the fewer the better”, there are too many people from all races about at the moment, and the general human quality is low.

Further, I asked the I Ching and it said that I shouldn’t have children—and, in fact, I have never wanted children.

I don’t think the family should be undermined or the nation destroyed—and if people implemented my policies the birthrate would be higher.

But it’s not an end in itself for me—it’s just that policies people call “anti-natal” are put about by the AntiChrist, by lies.

If a constant theme in your propaganda is “we are dying out” then that is your own unacknowledged need to reproduce that you haven’t integrated, to use Jungian jargon.

So, for your own benefit, you need to respond to that demand from your own psyche.

If you feel like “the walls are closing in” and feel a bit sweaty when you think about how “we” will disappear, then that is really about your own death—the fear of your own death that you have projected onto the race.

Even races die sooner or later—or, on the Darwinian account, evolve into something else; so even races die out—you think you can find security in the race, but you can’t do so.

Most people think they can meet that need in their own children—and, for instinctual reasons, they can.

It’s not rational, but it’s tangible and instinctual and so they feel that need to have “gone on” is met.

This is why almost everyone should have children—it’s just what people should do.

You notice that people with children, even if they talk about nationalist or racial themes, never have this angst about “survival”.

Because a certain need has been met in them.

Don’t be a hypocrite—if you talk about racial survival and the mode you speak in is materialist in nature, which it is for all these people, then you must have children otherwise you are not sincere and you mislead people because you are not objective.

It’s about your own need to survive, not the racial need to survive.


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