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Chaos Magic and the apocalypse

Updated: Feb 23

I have a disagreement with Peter J. Carroll, originator of Chaos Magic—he speaks of the cosmos as emerging from chaos, and he uses physics to justify that claim. However, I think he imposes his own affection for chaos over the primal structure.

Imagine a blank whiteboard—a board without a single stain or smudge. There can be no more orderly thing. And yet, such a cosmos is also a cosmos of complete disorder—nothing could be more shuffled and nebulous. Hence, so far as entropy is concerned, this cosmos is both total order and total chaos. If there were movement it would disturb the order, but it would also increase the order.

Carroll says that everything emerges from chaos, but perhaps it takes a Horned Man to know that this point, which is not technically even a start point, is both total chaos and total order at the same time—it takes a man who is both total good and total evil to understand it is both and neither (it is infinity, it is the number 8 on its side—two circles; one total chaos, one total order). You will only grasp this if you dwell in darkness and in light, as I do.

As I say, this is not a start point—because a beginning requires a start point in space and time, and this cosmos, so described, has none. It has no space and time—“It is a kind of abstraction”. Yes, indeed, the non-numerical infinite is a kind of abstraction (0).

Yet it is completely unstable, the smallest movement disturbs the void—and so begin continuity and discontinuity. As soon as movement occurs, specificity arises. There’s a relation, an axis around which the cosmos turns—a separation from the subject and object. There is now complexity where there was none, hence an increase in order—however simple, it has greater complexity than the white monolith; and yet to break the monolith also introduces disorder—hence, in this small space, universal order has broken down (as it rises up).

As you can now see, chaos and order are nested within each other—just like men and women are nested within each other. Now, what is the symbolic representation of this piece of advanced physics I have just described? The splitting of the cosmic egg over the waters—from whence it separates, from the single monad, into the binary (into the divine twins, like Romulus and Remus); and so creation unfolds from that—or, if you prefer the Semitic version, there was the garden; then there was man and woman, then there was the Fall into time.

The reference to “the waters” appears in both Hindu cosmology and the Bible because both have common sources (remember that I am myself “crossing the great waters”). So you see that ancient cosmology in fact anticipates in symbolic terms advanced quantum physics—from the monad, the null, the Bindi, the space in the Ark of the Covenant “from which all history does unfold (at least that’s what I’m told)”; because the void is unstable, and the void splits into the pair (the divine twins—and “the 1, the man” becomes the personified God, the “Him” God, but there is also the hidden God, the Godhead, before the 1 God).

This split into a pair is the emergence of quality—the new; and the novel occurs through disorder passing into order and order passing into disorder, just like a man and a woman when they make love (or fuck—both are four letter words, because “love” and “fuck” are two sides to the same coin; just like every relationship is a love-hate relationship—there is no other kind).

“New skin for the old ceremony”—the hermaphrodite, the circle, the way back

The above cosmic process was also described not only by the ancients but also by Hegel. He asks us to think about Being in the most general form possible—without any qualities, as “the essence of Being”. Since it is conceived as an essence it has no particularity—it has no difference from non-Being. This is equivalent to the way total order is the same as total chaos.

Hegel’s logic conceives the contradiction as an instability—through eternity Being turns to not-Being and not-Being turns to Being. But this is not a seesaw, it is not an oscillation—it is a spiral ascent. The tension between the opposites is Becoming—and that is the development of quality, of the cosmos itself. Each order makes a new disorder possible, opens up a new domain, which in turn reshuffles the hierarchy. To evolve means to open up new domains.

As Houellebecq put it this is “the extension of the domain of struggle”.

There is a further curious fact about this situation, because this is not about material evolution. This situation demands that the human body, for example, is more disorderly than the nebulous void at the start. Scientific materialists who have followed thus far will say “that is absurd”, though entropy demands it—although it suggests that life defies the law of entropy, although there is no evidence this is so and on the scientific account it is ridiculous (the Fall, the imperfect body).

Becoming means that domains and orders are broken up again and again—and this grants us the tools of science: necessary connection, determinism, and prediction. Yet every break-up that destroys a domain also produces a higher domain, a higher order. Hence new qualities come into existence—novelty arises, accidents happen and quantity becomes quality.

I will break off this disquisition here. Do you not think it is remarkable that the conclusions of quantum physics match the symbolism of the most ancient religions? And why does Hegel’s philosophy fit in here too? Because it is based on kabbalah, which is based on tantra (which is even older than that).

What is this story but the Fall into matter and then the descent of the world into ever greater chaos (evil) which, as it proceeds, opens up higher and higher domains that are at the same time smaller and smaller until there is just one point of light (as small as a grain of mustard) that marks the return to the highest and most complete state (which is also the lowest)—and why do you think life defies entropy, if it is not the work of *?

Dwellers in darkness and light know the answer—beyond chaos and order, beyond good and evil.

We also know that to achieve the final state there must be the most total disorder—total global war, the apocalypse, the judgement.


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